A First Impression: Endro! Episode 1

I’ve finally finished reviewing all the shows I’ve been assigned to do First Impressions for. So far, nothing has really caught my interest so there’s a possibility I may just sit this season out… but I’ll have to go through and watch some second episodes before I decide.



The episode starts with four adventurers (four young women named Yusha, Seira, Fai, and Mei) defeating a Demon Lord through some kind of forbidden banishing spell. Unfortunately, the spell didn’t quite work; and the Demon Lord was merely de-powered and sent back to a time when these four teens were still in school training to become fully-fledged adventurers.

This screencap summarizes all four girls’ personalities pretty well.

The Demon Lord, named Mao, devises a plan to expel the girls from the adventurer’s school before they can go out to defeat her later on. Mao takes over as the girls’ new teacher, and sends them on an impossibly hard mission to retrieve some kind of treasure from the nearby ruins. But because this is a comedy anime, Mao’s plan doesn’t quite work out; and instead Yusha and co. come one step closer to actually becoming heroes.

Mao’s “I’m really evil but I look like a cute little girl” gimmick is pretty cliched.

My Opinion:

I can tell that this show is trying really hard to be funny and charming. It’s trying really, really hard. Maybe it just comes down to a matter of taste, but this series unfortunately doesn’t do anything for me.

This is another one of those fantasy anime that uses RPG mechanics, and tries to poke fun at fantatsy/RPG tropes. My main problem with Endro! is, for a comedy anime, it just wasn’t all that funny. Perhaps I’ve seen far too many fantasy anime or just anime in general, because I could predict most of the jokes and punchlines seconds before it happened in the episode. And once you can guess at what’s going to happen, jokes stop being all that funny. It’s obvious the characters are meant to be “amusing” as well–we have Yusha who is kind of oblivious for a hero, the big-eater Fai, the somewhat stoic and nerdy mage Mei, and the “only sane one” Seira. And there’s also Mao, who is secretly super evil but looks like a little girl.

Endro! does at least have charm, I’ll give it that. The series uses a pastel-like color palette and the main girls have cute character designs. However, I did notice that some animation shortcuts were taken; such as still frames for less important scenes. There is also some slight low-quality animation already, with the girls looking a bit off-model in certain far-off shots.

I wouldn’t say Endro! is a bad series… it’s just kind of “been there, done that.” There’s been so many anime by now that poke fun at tired old RPG tropes, so a series in this same vein really needs to stand out to be memorable in my eyes. The first five minutes of the episode, which portrayed our future heroes defeating the Demon Lord and included an end credits roll, was a little bit clever. Unfortunately, the rest of the episode couldn’t quite capture that same level of cleverness. Endro! is at least pretty inoffensive, and it’s cute so you would be able to find some enjoyment out of this show if you just like watching anime about cute girls. As for me, I’m not sure if I’ll be motivated enough to stick around and watch more of this.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2

The Endro! universe uses cards for their magic spells, which I found to be the most interesting thing from this show.

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