Haru gets put on a diet of sorts.


We’re finally properly introduced to the pet shop clerk, Nana Okami. She visits Subaru one day to give him some tips on how to feed and provide exercise for Haru. She accidentally leaves behind her house keys when she makes the trip home; which Haru finds and gets her claws stuck on. This causes Subaru to grab Haru and run after Nana, and ends with him visiting Nana’s house in the process.

At Nana’s place, Haru is surprised to find one of her siblings living there.

Do you know how hard it was not to make all the screencaps in this review just be of the cats…

Nana is such a good character.


My Opinion:

Just when I was wondering what happened to the rest of Haru’s family, we have her reunited with one of her siblings in this one! Haru’s younger brother, Hachi, is owned by Nana. Similar to Subaru’s and Haru’s situation, Nana rescued Hachi from a life on the streets. I’m very glad that this episode allowed Haru to meet with her younger sibling right away. When Nana shows off her cat photos at the beginning of the episode (and we see how similar Hachi looks to Haru), I was dreading that this would be some long and stretched out plotline. But the show thankfully cut straight to the chase. The little kitty reunion was adorable.

Although there was much more focus on Haru in this episode, Subaru also gets a lot of moments to muse about his mom and dad. I appreciate that the series show us that Subaru is still essentially in mourning. As ambivalent as Subaru was towards his mom and dad, the death of your parents is always a pretty big deal in a person’s life. If it wasn’t obvious before, it should be more obvious now: this show isn’t just about Subaru’s and Haru’s relationship; it’s also about Subaru trying to come to terms with his feelings towards his parents and their death.

That said, Subaru and Haru do get sort of a relationship upgrade in this episode. Haru finally recognizes that “Haru” isn’t a term for food, but that it’s her name. And Subaru manages to get Haru to go over to him when he calls for her. This happy moment doesn’t last very long though; as Haru quickly gets embarrassed and tries to act cool in front of her little bro. I don’t usually like tsundere characters but I really love the idea of tsundere cat. It’s so fitting.

While this episode was overall very good, the cats in this episode looked a little bit more wonky than usual. I know drawing animals in anime can be hard, and these cats also have pretty strong “anime eyes” which add to their cartoony look (as Turin mentioned in their FI for this show). But Haru and Hachi at times looked really… off-model? This might be due to budget/time constraints and the like, but I really hope it doesn’t get too much worse in the later episodes.

Out of five:

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I hope we get more Haru and Hachi interactions in the future.