I would act the same way around a cat, not gonna lie.


Narumi (Hiroto’s little sis) and her friend Haru-chan (from the Chinese restaurant) drop by Subaru’s house to visit Haru (the cat). Haru-chan cooks up some fresh food for cat-Haru, and also makes a human version of the dish for Subaru to eat with his meal. Upon seeing how much Haru enjoys the homemade food, Subaru asks if he could also learn to cook this particular meal for Haru. Haru-chan and Narumi happily agree to write up a recipe for him.

Subaru’s idea of  a “meal” is apparently just plain white bread……..

After getting a handmade recipe booklet in the mail not long after, Subaru decides to try his hand at making a homemade meal for Haru. This forces him to face another one of his biggest fears: grocery shopping in a supermarket. Fortunately, Subaru encounters his friend Hiroto, who helps Subaru out.

Subaru how are you alive

Hiroto saves the day yet again!

After shopping, Subaru has to actually cook the meal. Although there’s a few mishaps, he manages to successfully cook something up for Haru and himself. Even though it was tiring, Subaru feels the effort was worth it as Haru seems content.

Haru had so many amazing faces in this episode.

Haru is a girl who loves her food, and I can appreciate that.

My Opinion:

This episode marks a pretty big milestone for Subaru, as this is probably the most he has ever done for someone else’s sake. It’s also more apparent in this episode how much more he cares about Haru compared to the first few episodes of the series. It’s really heartwarming to see Subaru actually step out of his comfort zone (going grocery shopping) for the sake of his pet cat. While Haru does care a lot for Subaru–as she tries to keep him at least well-fed–Haru’s presence has also made Subaru grow more as a person: he’s now more empathetic towards others, is learning to be a bit more sociable, and has started appreciating other peoples’ company. Getting a pet animal won’t just magically cure a depressed or socially anxious person; but it’s nice to see how it can be helpful, and to see it portrayed in a mostly realistic way.

Haru-chan, the human girl (which I’ve added the “-chan” suffix to so I can differentiate between her and the cat) makes another appearance here. It makes me happy that Haru was able to taste Haru-chan’s cooking again. Beyond that, Haru-chan also seems to motivate Subaru to actually take better care of himself–which is always a good thing. But that also brings up a few questions in regards to Subaru: he doesn’t know how to cook, and he mentions in this episode that it’s the first time he’s ever stepped into a supermarket… so how the hell did his survive up until now? Did he just subsist on convenience store foods and whatever his friend brought over to him? Geeze Subaru, no wonder Haru worries about you so much.

Overall, this was a fairly good episode. Subaru’s portion of the episode was heartwarming, and Haru’s (rather short) segment was amusing as always. While My Roommate is a Cat‘s animation has stayed fairly consistent thus far (which is why I haven’t been pointing it out), I did notice that the characters looked a little bit more off-model in this episode. With the series being set to be 12 episodes in all, it seems we only have two more episodes left before the season ends. I’m wondering if there will be a two-parter finale to finish things off.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2