A First Impression: Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai/We Never Learn Episode 1

I wish the rest of this episode looked as good as these introductory scenes.


Nariyuki Yuiga (usually just called “Nari” by friends) is an average high school dude who manages to do pretty good in school due to diligence and hard work. He’s hoping to get the special “VIP recommendation” from his school in order to attend a prestigious university with a full scholarship.

One day, Nari is unexpectedly called into the principle’s office and is offered the coveted VIP recommendation! …But the catch is that he must successfully tutor two geniuses from his school: the math and science genius Rizu; and the literary and arts genius Fumino. While both girls excel in the subjects they are geniuses in, they’re both terrible at the subjects they actually want to pursue. Rizu is terrible at liberal arts, while Fumino is terrible at mathematics.

The first few weeks of tutoring the girls goes badly, with both girls not making much progress or improvement. Nari wonders why both girls don’t try to stick with the fields they are already experts at instead, but nonetheless decides to keep on tutoring them. He soon gets to know the two better and finds out their motivations in pursuing a subject they’re weak in.

Why does such a cute character have to have such an off-putting personality.

My Opinion:

I’ve seen a lot of comments saying that this show is like a lower quality version of the Quintessential Quintuplets, which aired last season. Having never actually seen that show, I can’t make any comment about the accuracy of these statements. But I do agree that this seems like sort of a “lower quality” show in general.

The animation quality for this show could be better. Something about the animation just seemed really… off. The characters stand out from their backgrounds a little too much; there’s some wonky perspective shots; the characters’ movements seem a little bit janky in places; etc. etc. There’s also an overuse of “chibi moments” and anime facial expressions. You can tell a lot about an anime’s budget from its OP, and this anime’s OP was (I’m sorry to say) pretty bad. There’s some really jarring rotoscoping and some pretty awkward CG.

The plot of this anime does seem a little bit interesting, as it’s about geniuses who are extremely good in a subject/certain subjects but comically bad at everything else. However, I’m not sure how much content you’d get out of this type of story, as I feel that gags like “oh, the literary genius sucks at math!” would get old real fast. The characters so far aren’t the most original of characters either: Fumino is the kind and cheerful girl who’s just a little bit air-headed, while Rizu is the designated “tusndere” character of the show. Nari is… I guess alright for a main protagonist, but other than being sort of a nice person he doesn’t have much else going for him.

Overall, this wasn’t the worst anime that I’ve seen so far this season, but it’s not really something I’d call “good.” It’s a little too generic and feels a bit too “animay” for my tastes. I did not like the completely random bit of fanservice thrown right in the middle of the episode, especially when this show didn’t feature much fanservice at all before this point. I also did not like the introduction of a little sister character with a pretty obvious “brother complex.” Seriously, why did Nari’s sister have to have a brother complex? She looks to be a really minor character so writing her with this character trait just feels like the creators checking off items from a “shitty anime tropes” list.

Anyway, out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2

Nari’s weird ahoge thing actually annoys me a lot.

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