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Takuya is a “courier” who will deliver any package no matter how dangerous the route may be. However, he finds out that he may be taking on more than he can handle when he’s asked by a mysterious pair of scientists to rescue a girl from a lab facility. This girl, named Yuki, is the sole survivor of a horrific event called “Lost,” in which a city and all of its inhabitants just completely vanished one day. This event left behind a giant hole, which the government has quarantined off for research, though they’ve kept quiet on any of their findings.

After watching this episode, I am also in a state of confusion.

The pair of scientists reveal to Yuki that her father left her a message: that he’s still alive at Lost (the disappeared city). The scientists then ask Takuya to “deliver” Yuki to Lost, although their motives for this are unknown. Takuya nonetheless takes on the request in exchange for a large payment.

As Takuya and Yuki make their way towards Lost, they find that it won’t be an easy journey; as it seems that two factions are actively trying to obtain Yuki for themselves.

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My Opinion:

This first episode was kind of a mess. The premise initially sounded interesting, but there’s already a ton of cliches thrown at us.

We have:

  • A “badass” protagonist who tries to act cold and uncaring, as he keeps referring to Yuki as a “package” to be delivered. But, oh wait, he actually secretly DOES care about her!
  • A girl who has special powers that she was unaware of but can suddenly and immediately use really well in dire situations. Also her main personality trait is “I cry and angst a lot.”
  • Uncaring scientists who only view Yuki as a “test subject”
  • Mysterious shady factions/organizations who presumably just want Yuki for evil reasons
  • Overpowered psychic kids (why is it always a kid)

And so on, and so on.

I get that this is likely a pretty plot-heavy series but good god did they really have to shove every bit of plot into the very first episode? There’s three different factions/organizations and they all seem to be backstabbing Takuya all at the same time, somehow. There are way too many characters introduced at once, which makes it harder to care about anyone. The pacing of this entire episode felt horribly rushed in places whilst dragging in other places; because every part of the episode not dedicated to showing off an action sequence just becomes an exposition fest. Takuya and Yuki basically just bounce from plot-point to plot-point, which ruins the atmosphere of the series.

I also do not understand the tone of this show. I mean, I get that it’s likely meant to be a serious type of show; but I just couldn’t take it seriously. This show would probably have worked a lot better without the sudden incorporation of psychic powers/psychic users. The first “fight” that Takuya and Yuki had with the psychic user monk was so damn ridiculous that I nearly laughed. And then later on when Yuki essentially summons a stand┬áher former (possibly deceased) bodyguard whose special power is “I can shoot guns and manifest tons of guns”… I just found myself shaking my head in dismay. I feel like Shoumetsu Toshi is trying to incorporate as many “cool” things as they can into the show in an attempt to make it an “awesome” series, but sometimes less is more. Oh yeah, I also can’t forget to mention the totally unnecessary and out of place idol group that seems to be pretty prominent in the world this anime takes place in. Because I guess all anime need to have an idol group or something? Nevermind that it detracts horribly from the plot.

The animation for this first episode also left a lot to be desired. There is some really gratuitous use of CG, specifically for the crowds in the introductory sequence, and for many of the motorcycle sequences. It’s really jarring when the episode suddenly incorporates or switches over to CG, because the CG is really, really bad. This is unfortunate, as the 2D animation is actually quite a nice quality. …For the most part. There are already some pretty wonky shots of Yuki here and there, which is worrying for a first episode.

Overall, this was a series that was certainly interesting, but probably not for positive reasons. I’m hoping the series does eventually cool its jets a bit to actually explain things properly, but I’m not real motivated to stick around and see if it does. Also, I just found out that this anime is actually based on a mobile game–which in hindsight makes the weird direction of this first episode make a lot more sense.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2

Seriously, what is up with the weird focus on a fictional idol group though?