A First Impression: Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san/The Helpful Fox Senko-san Episode 1

Don’t you just hate it when you get home from work after a long day and suddenly find that a magical fox girl has invaded your home?


Kuroto is a depressed and over-worked salaryman whose negative atmosphere appears to infect everyone around him. But his life changes for the better when he returns home from work one day to find a little fox girl making a meal for him.

The fox girl reveals that her name is Senko, and that she’s actually an 800-year-old demigod fox. Her goal is to pamper Kuroto to dispel the negative energy he exudes. Despite being surprised by this strange girl, he can’t help but feel that she’s familiar somehow…

Kuroro’s flashbacks to his childhood were quite charming.

My Opinion:

I didn’t really know what to expect from this anime, but I will say I’m pleasantly surprised. This is a very slow-paced and relaxed sort of anime. I’m actually glad that they’re not trying to force the comedy on this one, and are instead focusing on having a calming tone. The animation quality for this first episode was also quite nice and fluid. The art style may be a bit too cartoonish or stylized for some, but it does match the manga’s art style pretty well.

Having taken a brief glance through the first chapter of the manga for this series, I did notice that the anime expanded a bit on Kuroto’s character and background. In the anime, Kuroto had a lot of flashbacks to his childhood when he lived in the countryside with his grandma. These flashbacks weren’t present at all in the first chapter of the manga. I liked this addition, though; as it showed off how Kuroto greatly misses that kind of carefree life, as well as his grandma (who I presume likely passed away at this point in the story). It also establishes that Kuroto and Senko had already had a meeting early on in Kuroto’s life, which gives us a hint at why Senko has so much of a fixation on Kuroto.

Senko herself is a pretty intriguing character. Admittedly, I’m rather sick of the “300+ year old character who looks like a little kid” trope, because why does this nearly always get applied to female characters; and also why are they always portrayed as little kids. But despite this I still do find Senko to have a cute and easily merchandise-able design. I’m not so sure if I like her personality so far, as acts nice and cheerful for the most part, but is also shown to have a somewhat manipulative side to her (i.e. when she started playing the victim to force Kuroto to eat dinner). Being a demigod, and a fox spirit at that, I guess this sort of personality is fitting for Senko.

What I also like about this series (so far) is that it’s relatively free of fanservice. I’m really, really glad that Kuroto only views Senko as a kid (and treats her like one) due to her appearance. However, I can’t not mention the uh… tail petting scene. I was afraid that the show would treat Senko’s tail like an erogenous zone or something, and I was sadly right. While Kuroto pets Senko’s tail in a non-perverted way (he only views it in the same light as petting a cat or fluffy animal), Senko’s reactions were admittedly uncomfortable to watch. Here’s hoping that the anime doesn’t get too creepy in this regard.

Overall, this was a pleasant anime with fairly high production values. I had been feeling rather stressed from something work-related, but watching this anime actually calmed me down a lot. Obviously someone expecting a plot-heavy series or something with more apparent comedy will likely find this show boring, but sometimes you just need a fluffy sort of anime to wind down with after a hard day’s work.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

This was an enjoyable enough show (and the “best” show I’ve reviewed for this season so far), so there’s a decent chance I may blog this; unless I end up being too busy due to work-related stuff.

The eyecatch was cute.

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