A First Impression: Fairy Gone Episode 1

Our protag has an extremely cute design.

The War of Unification – something that engulfed all of the country of Eastald in turmoil until it resulted in it being unified with Zesskia. During this war, the greatest weapons were something called Fairy Soldiers – humans who were enhanced with magical abilities granted to them by fairies. However, when the war ended, these Fairy Soldiers no longer had anywhere to go.
Marlya is a new mafia recruit whose village – Suna – was burned down during the war – possibly for a fairy-related reason. Her and a girl named Veronica were the only survivors, but somehow they ended up separated after escaping. Since then, Marlya has searched for her – a search that has brought her to a mysterious auction where magical artifacts – and fairies – may be purchased.

During the auction, a mysterious assassin appears to steal one such artifact – the Black Fairy Page – and it turns out to be Veronica. She also turns out to be Fairy Soldier, and ends up in a fight against Free, someone who was posing as Maryla’s superior, who also turns out to be a Fairy Soldier, and also turns out to be a spy from a different organisation entirely. Despite Marlya’s wishes, Veronica does not seem to want to reunite and warns her to stay away from her. During the scuffle, Marlya tries to save a fairy from being hurt and ends up absorbing it, becoming a Fairy Soldier herself.

veronica is My Type woops

I gotta admit, I almost gave up on Fairy Gone the second it opened with ‘narration of exposition over an image of a map’ which is still my number one most hated way to begin a fantasy anime. Luckily, the exposition didn’t take too long, and it then quickly decided to opt for showing rather than telling. However…I kinda wish it had told a little more because if my synopsis sounds a bit odd, its because I admittedly did not really understand what was happening at points. I still am not exactly sure who Free was pretending to be or why that was important, and I also didn’t realise Marlya was in the mafia until reading another review. And I definitely have no idea what either Fry or Marlya were doing at the auction! Come to think of it, I still don’t even understand how or why Veronica and Marlya got separated, either!

All of those things would, normally, probably turn me off a show completely, but Fairy Gone does have a few things that managed to keep my interest. Firstly, I found Marlya to be an immediately likable protagonist with a cute design, and I also like the art style and other character designs. That alone makes me want to watch at least one more episode. I also like the concept of the fairies, as they are very different to how fairies typically look in other fiction. They’re almost like some kind of sea angel or even a microscopic organism that ‘swims’ through the air – invisible to typical humans except when kept in special vases. (There’s the implication that Marlya is not at typical human, as she was able to see the fairy she absorbed after its container broke) Free tells her that the small fairies in the container are called ‘primordial fairies’, a name that definitely suits their appearance. However, the fairies are also the weird, giant CGI monsters that the Fairy Soldiers seem to be able to conjure up.

The CGI is…uh, bad. It seems to be the main complaint I’ve seen so far regarding Fairy Gone. It’s not only bad, clunky and very video gamey, but the designs of these fairies are honestly just pretty goofy. Especially Free’s giant slobbering wolf-man thing. Maybe I’ll get used to them in time.

To keep my interest, Fairy Gone will have to answer at least some of my questions regarding the characters motivations in the first three episodes, and to maintain Maryla’s likability as a protagonist.

Really not sure if I can take these things seriously

Out of 5,

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