Note: This series consists of episodes lasting around 3 minutes.

Our main character for this anime.


This series focuses on the (amusing) daily lives of three high school girls named Momoko, Mayumi, and Shibumi.

In the first episode, Momoko has an incident with a mosquito. (I… wouldn’t be able to give you an accurate plot synopsis even if I tried. This is just something you’ll have to watch yourself if you’re really that curious about it.)

Momoko’s friends: Mayumi (right) and Shibumi (left).

In the second episode, Momoko finds out from the televised horoscope readings that she’ll have a super unlucky day. Despite this, she tries to make the most of her day, and she fortunately has some great friends to back her up.

look at how bad this shot looks

My Opinion:

This anime will probably seem utterly bizarre for people who don’t already know about the manga it was based on. The Joshi Kausei manga has a unique quality to it, in that there’s almost no dialogue. The manga series instead relies on well drawn character expressions and panel sequencing to convey exactly what is going on. Creating a manga series that has almost no dialogue is a pretty amazing feat, and really sets Joshi Kausei apart from other manga focusing on the daily lives of high school girls.

I have to wonder what the reasoning was behind making an anime out of this sort of manga series. This type of gimmick (having no dialogue) works much better and feels more natural in a print medium–not that it can’t also be done well in an animated format. Unfortunately, the anime is pretty obviously a budget series. Even though the anime does seem to follow the manga faithfully, the cheap/limited animation and awful sound directing make it a horrible adaptation. The manga was charming, funny, and sometimes a little bit fanservicey. But this anime just feels sleazy and corny.

Why the hell did the anime start off by animating the chapter about thighs? (The answer is probably “because fanservice.”) Starting off with this chapter makes the series seem like a low-brow anime aimed at perverts. Thankfully, the second episode is better, as it animates a chapter that has a bit more plot. But again the low production values really destroy all the charm this series has.

I also have to wonder what the hell the producers were thinking in giving the characters voices. No, they still don’t talk. But now the girls make “cutesy” noises instead and it’s really freaking weird. As Moeronpan mentioned to me a few days ago, having the girls make noises like this makes it seem like they’re girls who don’t know how to talk. It would have actually been an improvement to NOT have the girls make any sounds at all, to really hammer in the fact that this is an anime without dialogue. I’m actually quite annoyed about all this, because the anime could have saved so much money by not hiring voice actresses at all. They could instead have used that money for better animation or sound production. (The mosquito in episode 1 was laughably bad.)

I’ll likely be keeping an eye on this series because the episodes are so short it doesn’t take much time to binge-watch them. But I’m really disappointed in this adaptation, and I’ll definitely be considering it for “worst adaptation” once the 2019 anime awards post comes around.

Out of five:

precure heart2 and 1/2

The anime would have been massively improved if it managed to have the same quality of animation as its ED sequence.