A First Impression: RobiHachi Episode 1


In a super futuristic Tokyo, Robby Yarge’s entire life has been a sequence of misfortunes. He dreams of making it big and not having to work anymore, but every hare-brained scheme of his ends up backfiring in some way and costing him more and more money. He actually does come from a wealthy family, but ended up dislike their attitudes and wishes to make his own path. He has a chance meeting with a haughty young man named Hatchi, who rescues a large sum of money of his (which he plans to invest in a prawn hatchery, his latest scheme) from a thief.

Hatchi is a young genius and is completely bored with his life, believing that nothing surprises him anymore and thus is on a constant quest for anything new and exciting. When Robby’s get-rich plan fails again, Hatchi takes on the job of a debt collector under the assumption that it will be exciting – it turns out that Robby borrowed all that money from the fearsome Yang – who has also come after Robby along with his cronies. With nowhere left to run, and with Hatchi inside his converted-spaceship apartment, Robby manages to get it flying again and they head off into space with Yang and co in pursuit. It turns out that the ship happened to have smaller fighting units inside of it that Robby was somehow completely unaware of until now – which they end up having to use in order to escape from Yang’s ship. However, when they press a certain button, the two combine into a giant robot. Hatchi decides this is all extremely exciting and unexpected, and wishes to stay with Robby. Not knowing where to go, Robby decides that they should head for Isekandar – some kind of amazing place which has tourism advertised heavily throughout the episode.

There sure are some interesting character designs in this show.

I went into RobiHachi with admittedly low expectations as I saw a few people deriding it as a shallow Tiger & Bunny wannabe. While I can kinda see where they are coming from with some of the dynamics between the main duo, I actually got much more of a Space Dandy vibe from this. I also liked it more than I expected to.

It’s definitely a stupid kind of show, and the kind that probably needs you to turn your brain off first – but I think that if they play their cards right Studio Comet could have a pretty decent ‘dumb fun’ show here. It does kind of go a little too hard on trying to be quirky and weird – which could get annoying fast – and I kinda rolled my eyes at how weirdly convenient everything in the climax was. Robby got cornered in his house…which happens to also be a space ship, despite the fact that he apparently has no money, so he can escape. He also just happens to have smaller fighter jets inside the space ship which he didn’t even know about. I guess that they will try to explain this  away with Robby’s affluent parentage – he does also have a sarcastic robot rabbit butler thing which is also likely from them – but basically everything in the last 7 or so minutes of the episode kinda makes you go ‘well, okay. Sure. Whatever.’

Luckily it manages to be bright and colourful enough to at least look good – and I think that, characters aside, that’s going to be the key to how enjoyable this show ends up. I think the characters have the potential to be fun – they certainly have some pretty decent designs, but I don’t have a real feel for them yet. Hatchi is especially weird because his entire personality does a 180 as soon as he discovers something new and exciting to him – he’s a pretentious haughty brat at the beginning, and then turns into a sparkly, wide-eyed kid. Robby on the other hand is a much more traditional, somewhat cliched scrappy kind of character, so I hope there’s a little more to him. It’s definitely the vibrant setting and all its colours that make the show really stand out. That and finding out what exactly Isekandar is – its advertised throughout the whole episode as being the ultimate vacation place, although Robby’s robot remarks that its obviously a campaign solely to boost an unpopular area. In all, there’s a few reasons for me to give this one the three episode test – but here’s hoping it’s a big dumb fun ride.


Out of 5,

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