Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san/The Helpful Fox Senko-san Episode 2

Senko is too adorable. I feel like there will be tons of figures of her pretty soon.


Despite coming home so late the night before, Kuroto has to awaken early to head back to work again. He’s surprised to see that Senko’s still around and that she wasn’t just a hallucination or dream that he had. Although Senko worries about the toll his long work hours will have on his health, Kuroto has no choice but to go to work.

Senko, just how long have you been spying on Kuroto…..

While Kuroto is out, Senko resolves to clean up Kuroto’s apartment from top to bottom. By the time he gets home, she has also prepared a meal for him. After having dinner and a bath, Senko convinces Kuroto to get his ears cleaned by her. Kuroto ends up falling asleep and another memory resurfaces…

I am personally too paranoid to let someone else clean my ears but I guess it would feel nice?
This was actually from the after credits scene. Senko is still cute but she also somehow looks vaguely threatening here.

My Opinion:

Again, there’s really not much for me to summarize because of the nature of this show. It’s a very slow-paced show that’s meant to be calming/relaxing. If the last episode didn’t already hammer this point in, then this episode certainly will.

While Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san may have slow-paced episodes, that doesn’t mean its episodes are completely devoid of content. We get a bit more insight into Senko’s character, as well as the history she shares with Kuroto. I thought the scene where she cleans up Kuroto’s apartment was rather heartwarming, because it shows just how much she cares about him. Since she works so hard even when Kuroto’s not around, it’s pretty clear that her intentions for helping him out are genuine. We also get some glimpses of an implied past life memory, hinting that Kuroto’s connection to Senko may go further back than we expect. However, Senko’s not willing to completely reveal everything just yet, even when questioned by Kuroto. That makes me wonder if she’s is bound by some sort of rule, or if she just doesn’t want to let him know what’s going on because she fears the answer may make him uneasy.

We also get some glimpses of Kuroto’s apartment neighbor in this episode, who appears to be a manga or anime artist. I have admittedly scanned through quite a bit of the manga by this point (though I’ve not read all of the chapters that have been scanlated), so I do know how she’s going to be officially introduced. She doesn’t seem to play all that big a role in the manga, but she does feature in the OP for the anime–so hopefully she gets an expanded role here.

With all of that said, I kind of have to talk about the more uh. Questionable scenes in this episode. The anime is still fairly tame, and I thank the gods that Kuroto is a decent male character (for the most part) who has standards. I am extremely glad that Kuroto does not view Senko in a sexual light. But man does the mangaka’s… “preferences” really show itself here. The dude definitely has a thing for really young looking ladies *cough*. We get yet another creepy and unnecessary scene in this episode, this time where Kuroto touches Senko’s ears and Senko is heavily bothered by it. The “:/” emoticon was basically plastered onto my face throughout this whole scene. Later on, Senko actually gets into bed with Kuroto, though nothing sexual happens (thank god again). She does hold him to her chest, though; like a mother would to her child. During this, Kuroto internally thinks about how Senko’s completely flat, which is a comment that really should have been left out of the anime. For a series that’s mostly inoffensive, these weird bits of “fanservice” were kind of jarring to see.

Overall this was a decent episode. It maintained the same quality as the first episode–it didn’t feel significantly “better,” but at least it didn’t feel worse either. I neglected to mention it last time, but there are these roughly one-minute segments at the end of each episode, where Senko basically talks directly to the viewer. I know these segments are meant to “comfort” the viewer, but I personally find them kind of cheesy and silly… and kind of uncomfortable since Senko still does look like a child.

Anyway, out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Senko.exe has stopped working

Also I may or may not be blogging this show simply because I find Junichi Suwabe’s voice really calming to listen to, shhhhh

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