I fell a bit behind due to applications and certain other commitments that definitely aren’t FGO (they definitley are) but let’s get a move on.

This episode focuses largely on Enta, and the nature of his crush on Kazuki – something that apparently happened during their days playing soccer together, and is one of the reasons why he is so distraught that Kazuki suddenly quit. He seems to be on good terms with Haruka – who also reveals that Kazuki ‘doesn’t smile like he used to’.

The theme of the episode is ‘kiss’ (ie, kisu) – the kiss he stole from Kazuki is still on Enta’s mind, and throughout the episode he frequently daydreams about Kazuki appearing and declaring that he hasn’t quit soccer after all. There’s also more on his older sister, who has a date with her new boyfriend – a fishmonger named Kiis who specialises in Kisu fish. ‘Kiss’ also happens to be Sara’s lucky selfie word of the day, which Kazuki is upset about as he’s not sure how to get a photo of one, and figures that a selfie with a kisu will suffice. However, Kiis turns out to be the Kappa Zombie of this episode – Enta’s sister is acutally just the latest in a long history of marriage fraud money. His desire results in women throughout Asakusa being turned into kisu – which reflects his true and somewhat more sinister desire to ‘slice them into 3’, which means he is likely a (potential?) serial killer.

It’s Enta that takes charge this time – wanting to save both his sister and the precious anklet he bought for Kazuka that he accidentally tied on her leg – thus being the one to extract that desire, and thus also being the one whose desires are broadcast to the others. As his Leak reveals, he is ragingly in love with Kazuki to the point of obsession, sniffing his soccer clothes and putting his recorder in his mouth.

At the end, there’s three major plot revelations – 1) The Otter cops have a boss who threatens their lives if they continue to ‘fail’ – something they’ve now done three times thanks to the Kappa Boys. 2) The original human identities of the Kappa Zombies are erased from existence and memory entirely after being defeated by the Kappa Boys. 3) Haruka is injured or perhaps ill, and can not move without a wheelchair.


I love these atmospheric shots.

Kappa are so high-tech these days!

This was, thankfully, a relatively straight-forward episode – which is something I feel the series needed at this point after how dense the first two were. It’s also a reflection of Enta as a character – compared to Kazuki, he’s a lot simpler – and perhaps in a good way. He’s probably my favourite of the boys because of this – even when he’s acting kind of creeper-ish, and his obsession with wanting Kazuki to rejoin soccer is oddly obsessive, he still feels more down to earth and relatable than the other two. (Especially Kazuki, who is still almost entirely unreadable.) Maybe because of this simplicity the show felt the need to add a dash of confusion into the mix due to Enta’s frequent daydreams – they always play out like part of the actual episode before faking out. The end result of this is that we actually have no idea what Kazuki’s reaction to seeing Enta’s secret actually was, because he doesn’t mention it at all out of Enta’s fantasy sequence. Do the boys see the entire sequence during the Leak segments, or only the ones they are superimposed on? Either way, Kazuki’s thoughts on Enta kissing him are not known.

Anyway, we learn a lot about Haruka in this episode as well – maybe not exactly why Enta hangs out with him, but if Enta and Kazuki are childhood friends, they probably already became close, and there’s a growing implication that Kazuki does not actually hang out with Haruka much at all. Haruka mentions, somewhat sadly, that he doesn’t even message Kazuki. The hints that this weird brother relationship is a lot more strained than it looks are pretty apparent, although its the wheelchair that’s the main reveal here. (It’s definitely true that we’ve never actually seen Haruka walk anywhere before now, so it was kind of an ‘oh…’ moment).  Whatever disability Haruka may have is not yet known – its not serious enough for him to be hospitalized, but it is serious enough for him to apparently need to visit the hospital. This definitely does bring up certain possibilities about what Kazuki was referring to when he said that he nearly ‘lost’ their connection, as well as the reason he wants the dishes of hope for Haruka.

The other major plot revelation is even more dramatic – the Kappa Boys are, perhaps unknowingly, literally erasing people from existence, so that not even photographs or memories of them remain. Despite the sinister tone of the Otter Cops’ boss (who is unseen, but I’m kinda hoping he’s a goofy looking otter), that really does imply that they aren’t entirely the bad guys here. (Although, what actually happens to a Kappa Zombie if it isn’t defeated?) Sure, they are straight-up killing people of dubious moral integrity and dumping their bodies in the river – but literally erasing them seems a lot more sinister. The Otters are doing this in order to collect some kind of desire energy – but apparently this isn’t possible if the Zombie is defeated (otherwise they wouldn’t be being scolded for failing). But what exactly does Keppi need the zombie shirikodama for…? His reasons in the first episode seemed awfully vague.

Since there isn’t otherwise a lot for me to talk about in this episode that I haven’t already mentioned – it still looks amazing and it keeps getting more intriguing, I finally have a bit more room to talk about a few other things. First of all, Sara’s fortune reports feature scrolling romaji text on the bottom of the screen, which is apparently not visible to ‘normal humans’, and contains all kinds of cryptic messages. Some seem unimportant, such as Sara going on about cucumber toothbrushes, but the first two episodes had Sara talking about looking for her prince, and how she had found him but his ‘appearance had changed’. (And, also, how he has a super sexy voice and his breath smells like cucumbers). That’s obviously Keppi, and I’ve been wondering for a while now if Sara is also a kappa, or maybe wants to become one (the weird ‘hat’ thing she has on her head does at least seem like its meant to resemble a kappa’s dish). The second thing – maybe it’s just the bizarre tone of the story, but it has continually struck me as odd how little people react to whatever ends up flying through Asakusa in every episode – whether its boxes, cats or even women. With all the other weird stuff going on this seems like it shouldn’t really matter but…is there a reason people react to it the same way someone would to something as banal as a sudden downpour…?

I was gonna comment on Kiis actually having a face after all, but then I started to laugh at how CR decided it was necessary to translate the flipped Butt kanji.

Turns out ‘crush’ is an understatement here.

Can we PLEASE get a visual of this? It’s not anywhere near as weird as anything that actually happens in the show.

Out of 5,


Episode 4

looks like Kazuki has not returned that cat.

Now it’s Tooi’s (who I was calling Kuji before, but I’m calling the other two by their first names so I may as well call him by his even if they dont) turn to get fleshed out – we learn that he doesn’t actually get to see his older brother Chikai that much due to certain (likely illegal) commitments of his, but he is frequently telling him that he may get to visit him again soon. We also learn that Tooi lives with relatives at his late parents soba restaurant.

Enta meets with Tooi to ask a favour of him – to give him whatever hope plate he may earn in future, because he ‘needs’ them for Kazuki – who he apparently owes his life to. Afterwards, Kazuki also meets with him with a far more bizarre favour – he wants him to ‘kidnap’ Haruka. You see, Kazama Sara is having a meet n greet for her fans, which Haruka is excited to attend – which creates the risk of Kazuki’s entire fake Sara game with Haruka coming undone. Before Tooi can properly react to this idocy, the next Kappa Zombie strikes – which is targeting soba (something Kazuki had been eating at the time due to it being Sara’s lucky selfie item for the day), and causing all the soba in Asakusa to fly away. Without any soba, his family’s soba restaurant is in jeaopardy, which spurs Tooi to take the lead this time in order to protect the thing his brother had worked so hard to protect himself.

After defeating the zombie (whose crime was stealing a woman’s used bath water to use for his soba broth), the Leak reveals that many years ago Kuji’s brother swiped money from a gang leader to repay the debt that nearly caused the closure of their family’s restaurant. When the leader came for revenge, the ten-year-old Tooi was the one to shoot him. Enta is disturbed to learn that Tooi has killed a man, but something about this reveal causes Kazuki to give his Dish of Hope to Tooi, saying that he no longer cares about Haruka because…he hates him?!

Can you call it a selfie if you arent taking it yourself?

‘oh shit he’s hot eating noodles while in a shitty costume, apparently’

who gave him the right to be this attractive

First of all, what kind of cruel parents name brothers ‘far’ (Tooi) and ‘close’ (Chikai?) Anyway, this was probably the most serious episode so far – and it certainly is interesting to have such a serious backstory blended with the usual kappa butt antics. Tooi’s Leak is very different in tone to the other two boys, but so far its been the most dramatic. I still can’t figure out if the boys actually do see everything or not – because we still don’t have a reaction from Kazuki re: Enta, and the way Enta reacted to Tooi almost implied he didn’t know why Tooi shot the gang leader.

From what we learn about him so far, Chikai is a very interesting character who – despite making a lot of questionable life choices – loves his brother and the soba restaurant dearly and would do anything to protect those things. It’s likely that he’s keeping his distance from Tooi for his own protection – as he really shouldnt be mixed up in whatever dangerous things he’s doing – but I have the nagging feeling that Chikai could end up in danger later on. Tooi’s leak didn’t exactly reveal -how- he would use his dishes of hope for him – but it would likely be some way that makes it so that he doesn’t have to resort to crime. The reveal that seeing this brotherly bond spurs Kazuki to give up his own dish was unexpected – especially when Kazuki was gleefully detailing his ridiculous plan re:Haruka earlier. The show had been painting Kazuki as someone whose desire to make his brother happy has driven him to less than sane measures, and this has been the most out-there one yet – but I’d always assumed it was still love – even if its a very twisted, somewhat desperate form of it. So there’s something else going on here – and my first thought apon hearing Kazuki say he actually hated Haruka was that maybe it had been that way all along. Maybe he was doing these things not for Haruka’s sake, but for his own, and he wanted Haruka to get better so that he’d stop stealing all his parents attention. But that wouldnt explain why he had been wanting the dishes until now, so something about Tooi has caused some kind of change. Whatever I speculate is probably going to get ripped to bits in the next episode anyway, so I guess we can only wait.

Meanwhile, the seeds are planted for Tooi’s crush on Kazuki – something that was already foreshadowed with the ridiculous amusement park sequence in episode 2 – so I guess they really could be going for a love triangle here. I’m gonna be blunt – I still don’t understand what either of these boys see in Kazuki. I’m sure my opinion of him will change, but I honestly don’t understand the kid at all – and yes, I’m sure that’s intentional. As I just said before, Enta is easy to understand, and after this episode so is Tooi…but Kazuki’s entire shtick so far is that he’s an unreliable narrator. Of course, that also makes him interesting. It’s just that I can understand Enta’s crush on him, but Tooi literally just thought he looked hot slurping noodles while dressed as Sara. I guess adolescence is just like that.

Anyway, after four failures, the Otter Cops declare that they’ll up their game next time, so I look forward to that.

smallTooi is extremely cute.

I didn’t notice while I was watching this but lmao Keppi

I included this half because the atmosphere and angle looks really good and half because I still don’t understand what the fresh hell was Enta doing

Out of 5,