Senko’s been watching too much anime.

Episode 4 Summary:

In the first half of the episode, Nakano is forced to work on what was supposed to be his day off. Seeing how distraught he is over this, Senko says that he’ll feel better if she is the one who wakes him up for work. Since Senko is more concerned with Nakano’s happiness, she fails spectacularly at her task.


In the second half of the episode, Senko tries to become more adept at using modern devices and machines, although she just ends up being confused by them instead.

Senko’s greatest weakness: vacuums

Episode 5 Summary:

I try to include at least one cap per review that has Nakano in it.

Shiro, one of Senko’s acquaintances, drops by the Nakano household. Shiro tries to show off, claiming that she’ll satisfy Nakano’s desires better than Senko can. Unfortunately for Shiro, Nakano only has one thing on his mind: petting fluffy fox tails.

In the second half of the episode, Nakano takes a bath and Senko helps to wash his back.

I actually quite like Shiro’s design, barring the slightly fanservicey outfit. She looks more like a demigod than Senko does.

My Opinion:

I ended up having to do a batch review for these episodes because there wouldn’t be much for me to talk about if I reviewed these episodes separately.

Anyway, episode 4 was pretty cute. It reveals that Senko, despite being a perfect cook and good at housecleaning, still has some flaws/weaknesses. She’s not at all used to modern technology, which I guess makes sense since she’s been living in an alternate magical dimension most of her life; and it appears that the last time she was in the human world was when things were still relatively low-tech. Another big flaw she has is that she’s so obsessed with pampering Nakano that she can actually be a detriment to him at times–like letting him sleep in and miss work despite promising to wake him up. The series skips over the consequences of Nakano missing work, but I feel that something like that would be pretty serious, considering how tough Nakano’s company is (since they keep making him stay late and work on his days off). I don’t mind Senko being a “perfect” character for such a relaxed series like this, but it’s nice that she actually has her own set of faults.

Episode 5 gives me just a bit more material to talk about, since we are introduced to Senko’s fox-acquaintance, Shiro. I’m really glad that the anime doesn’t make a big deal about how she doesn’t wear panties. …Yes, that’s one of her notable traits in the manga. As a character Shiro is… okay I guess. She’s the boastful, “rival-type” character. I don’t often like this type of character, but Shiro is thankfully one of the less annoying ones. She serves as a foil of sorts to Senko, with Senko being much more innocent and motherly while Shiro is more uh, “aggressive.” Thank god Nakano also views Shiro in a non-sexual light, otherwise this series would have gotten real lewd real fast.

Despite Shiro seeming to have some kind of implied rivalry with Senko, I like that Senko doesn’t view Shiro as a rival at all. We also get what I think is an anime-only scene, where Shiro ends up meeting briefly with Koenji. Since I haven’t read all of the manga scanlations available, I have no idea if Shiro and Koenji will become housemates; though I hope they do. Koenji definitely looks like she could use the help of a fox spirit herself.

I can’t talk about episode 5 and not make a mention to the bathing scene. I was dreading this chapter being adapted by the anime, because I was afraid the anime would make it some kind of fanservice-fest. The whole scene turned out to actually be pretty innocent (thank god). I’m eternally grateful that Nakano isn’t portrayed as a pervert. Bathtub scenes like this in anime (especially between characters of opposite genders) tend to be more of an “intimate” moment thing. It’s nice to see this show play it off as something mundane.

Overall, these two episodes were pretty enjoyable to watch even though there wasn’t much that happened in them. One thing I noticed in these episodes is that Senko’s ears are very emotive–meaning they change and move depending on her moods. It’s a nice touch that really adds to her character. Since Shiro has shown up in Nakano’s world now, I wonder if we’ll ever learn more about the third fox lady that appeared at the very beginning of the series?

Anyway, out of five for these two episodes:

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The head petting scene got a little bit awkward, but it was nowhere near as awkward as the tail petting scene in episode 1.