“My fox friend, my fox friend, and me.” …That was a bad joke, I’m sorry.


Shiro drops by to visit Nakano and Senko again! Unlike Senko, Shiro appears to be much more technology-adept, and quickly learns how to use a video game system. Nakano and Shiro soon duke it out in a fighting game. The three of them spend the day just goofing off, playing games, and eating snacks.

That game on the far left stands out so much from the others lol

In the second half of the episode, we are able to see things from Koenji’s perspective for a brief moment. As thanks for Senko always bringing her food and helping to clean her house, Koenji decides to gift Senko a cosplay maid outfit.

…An impromptu photoshoot quickly follows afterwards.

Koenji, please Do Not.

I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Senko in more varied outfits.

My Opinion:

This was a fairly cute episode which was mostly (pardon the pun) full of fluff. The anime is finally starting to animate manga chapters I have not yet read–or is animating original content now. Either way I’m glad to finally be able to experience an episode without any prior knowledge of the episode content.

I wasn’t expecting to see Shiro again so soon as she was just introduced in the last episode, but it’s nice to have her on the show again. Something about her childish/boastful personality makes her really endearing to me. As much of a sweetie as Senko is, I do find Senko’s personality to sometimes be a bit too saccharine for my tastes. Having Shiro in the cast balances things out a bit. It’s also good that the anime never lets Shiro overstay her welcome, as she only stuck around for half the episode.

In the second half of the episode, we learn a whole lot more about Koenji. She claims that she’s a college student and a manga artist, but the anime has never really shown off the “college student” side of her. I guess the series wanted to push the whole college bit to establish that Koenji is likely in her early 20s, but I feel like having her be both a mangaka AND a college student is unnecessary? Being a mangaka is hard enough work and would be sufficient to explain her disorganized lifestyle. But I digress.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure how I feel about Koenji. She’s reminding me far too much of Miyako from the Wataten anime; in that Keonji is also being portrayed as sort of a “creepy otaku lady who likes taking photos of young girls in cosplay.” Yes, I know Senko is actually 800+ years old, but Koenji still thinks of Senko as being essentially a “legal loli” and that’s uh. Messed up? Towards the end of the episode, Koenji congratulates herself for having so much “self-restraint” and uh. That’s messed up??? Self-restraint with what? What was Koenji about to do? What is with this current trend in anime of having these sorts of creepy otaku women? I really dislike these sorts of characters, and the only reason I don’t outright hate Koenji yet is that she still seems like a halfway decent person.

I also noticed that there were an awfully suspicious amount of shots of the female characters’ chests in this episode. Don’t think I didn’t catch onto that, anime. Other than these criticisms, this was an enjoyable enough episode, and I still thank the stars every day that Nakano is not portrayed as a pervert. (Though I guess it’s because Koenji fills that role)

Out of five:

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Shiro joins Senko in the after-credits.