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Anyway, onto this week’s Senko-san review.

We haven’t actually seen much of Koenji’s manga, have we?


Nakano gets a summer break off from work!

…Which actually only lasts one day. To make the most of that day off, Nakano, Senko, Shiro, and Koenji make a trip to a remote island via one of Shiro’s magical portals. Typical beach activities occur, such as splashing around in the water, playing volleyball, and having a barbecue.

When Nakano is scouring the island for barbecue materials, he finds what looks like an abandoned snack shack. Inside, he meets with a mysterious woman who gifts him and his friends some high quality food items. Baffled, Nakano talks to Senko about his encounter. Senko reveals to Nakano that the island is actually situated between the human and spirit realms, so he must have met some kind of magical or ghostly being.

Those orb effects look… a little bad

This is the most fanservicey screenshot you’ll get in this review.

Later at night, the four of them set off some small fireworks and sparklers. Nakano bemoans the fact that his day of fun has come to an end, and that he’ll have to return back to work the next day. Senko reassures Nakano, and tells him to just enjoy the moment. They’ll have many more fun times ahead of them.

The episode ends rather ominously with a shot of the mysterious snack shack lady (who is also a fox demigod) saying that everything comes to an end eventually.

I hope we’ll see more of her soon. We don’t even have a name for her. (She’s listed as “??” on all of her merch items on Amiami)

My Opinion:

This was a pretty straight-forward beach episode with some small hints of plot sprinkled in. The characters mainly just goofed off and had fun playing around. I’m not usually fond of beach episodes (I personally think they’re kind of boring or cliched), but I found Senko-san’s take on it to be rather relaxing to watch.  For a beach episode, there was refreshingly little fanservice apart from the girls all being in swimwear; with Shiro having the most revealing outfit. I’m so, so thankful that there weren’t any boob jiggle physics on any of the female characters. That would have made the episode a whole lot sleazier and less enjoyable (for me).

I have just a few minor criticisms about this episode. There were some weird dips in animation quality throughout the episode for certain shots/scenes. It didn’t detract much from the episode, but it’s there. I also wasn’t too thrilled that Shiro and Koenji are just stated to be friends now. I kinda wish we could have actually seen their interactions ourselves, rather than having Senko explain this to us. It feels kinda cheap? I do realize that Senko-san focuses more on Nakano’s and Senko’s relationship, but it couldn’t have been too difficult to just add in a few minutes every episode to build up Koenji’s and Shiro’s relationship. Anyway, there was also some tonal dissonance during the beach volleyball segment, when Koenji gets beaned in the face by a volleyball. The scene is so dramatic that it just felt weird that absolutely no one asked if she was okay, and that Shiro just laughs at her after the incident. Koenji for her part doesn’t make a big deal out of it, but that just struck me as a little bizarre.

With this being episode number eight, we’re getting some hints/foreshadowing of the end plot with the appearance of the multi-tailed fox lady from the first episode. This is the first time she’s shown herself to Nakano, though Nakano didn’t realize she was also a fox demigod like Senko and Shiro. With only four episodes of the season left, I really hope we get some explanation as to WHY the foxes care so much about Nakano specifically. What sets him apart from all of the other depressed working people in Japan? I’m also just a tad worried that we’ll potentially have a bittersweet ending to the anime series (the manga’s still ongoing). Obviously Nakano and Senko can’t be together forever–either Senko has to leave Nakano after her task is done, or Nakano will eventually die of old age because of the difference in mortal and demigod lifespans. I hope we get some kind of sufficient closure for the series by the end of the season.

Out of five for this episode, I give:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

 I’d actually really love to see a summer festival episode.