Shiro’s certainly made herself at home in Koenji’s apartment.


In the first part of the episode, Nakano suddenly starts craving a cheese gratin dish after watching a cooking show on television. Senko notices this, but isn’t knowledgeable about how to cook Western dishes. After talking to Koenji and Shiro about her dilemma, Koenji offers to help Senko out. Shiro also helps. Sorta.

The cheese gratin dish the three make together turns out well, and Senko makes another one for Nakano after he comes home from work. She also adds some of her own traditional ingredients, which Nakano praises.

My character bias is showing itself again.

In the second half of the episode, the weather’s gotten hotter. Noticing that Nakano’s hair is fairly long now, Senko offers to trim it for him. After giving Nakano a stylish short cut, she also washes his hair, hair salon style. Nakano eventually finds out that this is the first time Senko’s actually cut anyone’s hair, despite seeming so confident about it initially. Thankfully (for Nakano’s sake), everything turned out okay.

I actually prefer Nakano’s hair like this, so I was sad to see it go.

This show isn’t laugh-out-loud funny (to me) but this scene did make me chuckle.

My Opinion:

This was a fairly straight-forward episode so I won’t make my review too long.

This was a very pleasant and calming episode to watch. If you know me, you know I have a fondness for cooking/food-related shows. I really enjoyed the cheese gratin cooking segment. While it wasn’t the most informative cooking segment in anime–which is fine, because it wasn’t meant to be–it was still nice to see all of the female characters interacting in such a relaxed manner. I honestly wouldn’t mind a spin-off series that simply focused on the Senko-san characters cooking food. Admittedly the cheese gratin could have looked better/more realistic. But eh. Senko-san was never truly a food-focused show.

The second half of the episode returned to the “Nakano and Senko alone in an apartment” story format that was present in the earlier episodes. Hair cutting would be the last thing I’d imagine seeing in this series, but I guess that’s relaxing to some people? I still find Nakano’s inner monologue during these “relaxation” segments to be kind of uncomfortable. He goes into such great detail about how good Senko’s hands feel or something, and that’s just a little weird. Well, I should probably just be glad that Nakano isn’t a bigger creep, because it would have been very easy for this show to go the turbo fanservice route.

I’m a little surprised there wasn’t any mention to some kind of overarching plot in this episode, but it kind of feels like the calm before a storm. With three episodes of the show left I am predicting that the next episode will likely be another fluff-filled episode, leaving the last two episodes available for a dramatic two-parter. As long as nothing totally out of left field occurs, such as Nakano dying in the last episode or something, I think I’ll be satisfied with whatever we get for the end of the series/season.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

I love how extremely extra this shot is.