Fate why are you like this

Waver boards the mysterious Rail Zeppelin at last – bringing Gray and  student Caules along. The Rail Zeppelin itself is a fantastical train – bigger on the inside – which travels over leylines. The purpose of the 3-day journey is an auction for various mystic eyes – and all kinds of odd characters have shown up. Besides Adashino, another familiar face in attendance is Yvette, Waver’s most thirsty student whose family are apparently regulars at the auction. We are also introduced to Olga-Marie – the daughter of the lord of astromancy, and her companion Trisha – as well as Karabo Frampton from the Holy Church. The presence of someone from the Church – who are usually in opposition to mage society – on the Rail Zeppelin is unexpected and somewhat alarming, but he assures them he means no harm and is actually participating in the auction himself.

Despite all the interesting personalities gathered on the train, Waver is unable to determine if the one who sent him the invitation is amongst them. However, he soon receives a letter thanking him for his attendance – the mystery person should thus be somewhere on the train. Olga-Marie finally realizes that Waver does not intend to win the auction, and thus requests his help in securing the grand prize for herself – by also bidding high and shaking off other potential buyers who may be intimidated by a Lord. The grand prize in question is a pair of Rainbow mystic eyes – the highest rank – and she and Trisha reveal that the reason they know this is because Trisha has mystic eyes that allow her to see visions of the future. Interestingly enough, in contrast to this Frampton’s mystic eyes let him see the past – and he glimpses some of Gray’s while she is feeling sick from the leylines.

Later, Trisha approaches Waver to discuss the 4th holy grail war, and Waver continues to assert his desire to see Iskandar again – even with the fact that it’s unlikely he would retain his memories of fighting alongside Waver. Unfortunately for Trisha, when the train makes a routine stop only minutes afterwards, she is discovered beheaded.

Meanwhile, back in London, Reines decides to conduct her own investigation on the culprit who stole Iskandar’s relic, enlisting Kairi Shishigou and Luvia to help her – as she suspects it was an inside job.

No, this episode did not yet address the elephant in the room (badum tish) but hopefully we find out about that soon.

I’m so happy someone at Troyca is a Kairi Shishigou fan.

haha sucked in Yvette, Waver wants to sit next to characters who aren’t extremely annoying.

Seven episodes in and it’s finally time for Rail Zeppelin! It’s been a somewhat odd structure for this series, but it’s good to finally be getting to the meat of the story and the actual novel contents. As I’ve said before, I’ve yet to read the Rail Zeppelin parts of the novel, so I’m going in blind – yet, I still know enough to know that the part with Kairi and Luvia is original to the anime. Last week, I was a little annoyed that they were giving so much attention to Luvia, as I felt it was kind of unnecessary for a character who apparently doesn’t even feature in this arc – but I guess she does now, so her focus wasn’t that pointless after all. She and Kairi are definitely going to make an interesting team, that’s for sure. and I’m really glad that Kairi got the chance to appear again!

Anyway, Waver and Gray have a wardrobe change for this arc. I preferred Waver’s previous outfit, but this one is also quite suave and comes with the addition of glasses (they’re actually to cancel mystic eyes, but they sure look good on him.) Caules doesn’t actually do anything in this episode, but I know he does play a part, so I’m eager to see exactly what that is. Also playing a part, somewhat regrettably, is Yvette, who has the unique distinction of being possibly the only character in this entire show I actually dislike so far. She isn’t cute, she isn’t funny, she’s honestly just pretty creepy and her thirst for Waver borders on harassment…so it’s actually pretty satisfying to see how much Waver also is clearly exhausted by her (even asking her to jump out of the window at one point, which would make a great reaction image.) She also reveals herself to have one mystic eye – made out of jewels and made by her family – that can determine people’s emotions. Maybe this will end up playing a pivotal role in this arc, but for now Yvette just feels unnecessary (other than providing evidence of what has been stated to be canon for a while now – that Waver is ridiculously popular with female staff and students alike, which he hates.)

The thing most people are focusing on is Olga-Marie (I’m sorry, Olga-Marie Arsimilat Animusphere Areyouserious) who many already know from Fate Grand Order. I’m still not altogether clear on whether FGO is a separate timeline or not, but whether she’s a different Olga-Marie or not she’s a good deal younger than the one that appeared in FGO – apparently only 11-13 years old. We don’t yet know why she needs these rainbow eyes, but it was thanks to a vision from Trisha that she knew they were going to be on auction to begin with. As for Trisha, it’s unknown exactly how her mystic eyes work, and it’s implied that she may not have complete control over the specifics of the vision. It’s also implied in her talk with Waver that she has seen things that she has to accept can not be changed – which may have included her impending death. Which brings us to the real meat of the Rail Zeppelin – it’s not the auction, it’s a murder case.

I do love a good train murder case, and they never seem to get stale for me. However, while Waver has always stressed the whydunnit as being the major mystery so far, this time I’m way more interested in the who and how as the why seems more obvious to me. After all, the mystic eyes in the auction have to come from somewhere, right? This could also mean that Frampton is also in danger and maybe even Yvette (although, she’s been a regular without danger until now). Either that, or perhaps Trisha needed to be stopped from receiving a certain vision. I could be wrong, but the ‘who’ is still the most enticing mystery to me here – I guess we’ll know for sure next episode if it’s revealed whether or not her severed head still has its eyes. (Adashino is of course the most suspicious person on the train at the moment, but she seems to always be.)

Of course, it wouldn’t be another Case Files episode without a designated segment for Waver being depressed about Iskandar, and this was one of the most painful yet. Although, it does feature a rather bizarre moment where – again, Waver’s reflection is shown as his younger self – yet it speaks with his older voice, which is a lot more disconcerting than you’d think.

(By the way, it is going to be kind of ridiculous if they stretch out the whole ‘Gray is about to give that present from the previous episode to Waver but gets interrupted by theft/train boarding/someone getting murdered’ thing for the rest of the series, and I’m starting to expect they just might.)


Trisha, enjoying having her head attached to her body.

ow ow ow ow

Out of 5,