Autumn 2021 First Impressions #3

Here’s the last First Impressions post for this season! Obviously I didn’t get to watch every show that premiered, but like every season I cut out a few things – mainly sequels, prequels, installments of franchises that allegedly aren’t newbie-friendly, and the usual generic-looking idol and isekai shows. While it’s true it means that I may have missed out on a really good (or hilariously bad) show this way, life is short.

On to the last five shows!
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Autumn 2021 First Impressions – #1

Moeronpan here – I was meaning to do a roundup post for the stuff I watched last season and maybe I will eventually, but for this season it’s only me! That means there’s a lot to get through, so I’m gonna see how many First Impressions I can do before I can’t take it anymore! I’m slimming down my reviews a little in order to get through more of them, so let’s tackle New Anime mountain with the first 6 shows I watched.

hmm I wonder what sponsored this
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What I Watched – Spring 2021

Sorry for the big wait on this, Spring had a whole lot of shows I was following and my internet has been pretty crap recently, so I only got around to finishing up some of them recently. There’s a few other shows that I only got to see halfway that I didn’t include – when I finish those I’ll stick them in my next roundup post.

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Summer 2021 First Impressions – Ariana #2

And that’s all the First Impression reviews I have for this season. See you all a few months later when it’s time for the round-up reviews!

Our protagonist is an asshole who is trying to be the biggest asshole ever
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