Woah! What happened? Why am I actually reviewing something?! It’s a long story, folks, but it ended with me being punched in the face. It may have had something to do with my controversial opinion on a certain labcoat-wearing back alley doctor.

Stupid Sexy Balalaika...

Disclaimer- Balalaika only shows up in flashback for this episode, but she's awesome so I'm posting her anyway.



If you’re wondering why Moeronpon has seemed so upbeat and not-whiny lately, it’s because I did some… er… palette cleansing before starting the new DRRR season. You know, so I wouldn’t tear it to shreds. We will now return to your scheduled Anu recap!

Masaomi does this.


Betch I will SCYTHE you


Hey! I’m Anu, the substitute reviewer for… however long I’m wanted here. This review has been delayed due to poor health and had absolutely nothing to do with the release of HG/SS.


Look both ways before crossing the street, young man!