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Hey all, sorry for the break between reviews for Shiyan Pin Jiating. The subs for episode 4 didn’t come out until recently.

Sounds… ominous.



Hey all! Moeronpan recently got in contact with me and said that they would be blogging Megalobox for this season, but haven’t had the time to do so due to work-related stuff. They’ll be doing batch reviews for the series once they get some free time again.

Here’s another review of Shiyan Pin Jiating in the meantime.

It sure is.


Hi all! Sorry that it took so long to get the review for the second episode out. The second episode of Shiyan Pin Jiating aired a week or so ago, but (barring the first episode) I don’t think it was picked up by any English fansubbing group until recently. Since this series is being fansubbed, it’s very likely that English subs will be delayed, and it’s possible that this series might not get even get a complete English sub for the entire series. We’ll see how things go. Anyway, on to the review!

This is some swanky looking lab.


And here’s my final First Impression of the season! Apologies for the delay – nothing happened in Episode 1, so I needed to give it two episodes to have anything to say about this show.


To capture the feeling of basically watching 2 episodes of nonstop character introductions, every screencap in this episode will just be a character picture. Her’s J (right, in blue jacket) and the Council….


Given that SaeKano had so many cameos from other anime in it, it’s kinda funny to see it as an anime in another anime.


I was meant to do this one ages ago, but I didnt want to buy an amazon prime subscription. However, I realized they have a free trial so I decided to use it. Presumably I can only do this once, so this is potentially the last time I review an anime only streamed on Amazon. Due to the wait I decided to do both episodes released so far.

I actually really like that gun design.


The five main characters of this series.


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