What I watched – Spring 2020 Roundup

Another season ends….although what an atypical season it was. A good deal of shows had their production massively impacted by COVID – although of the ones I was watching, only Gal & Dino was affected. Luckily, I got to finish most of the other stuff from my mid-season report. 

I’ll be starting on the brand new seasons first impressions later on – because due to both COVID and the surprising amount of sequels this season, there actually is so little to review that when divided up, I’m not sure if its worth making two separate posts or not.

Onward to my final thoughts on these shows!
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Spring 2020 Mid-Season Report

First up – I finally changed the layout on this site after…I don’t wanna count how many years. And despite saying so over a year ago and then never delivering on that promise, there will be a new banner, and i purposefully removed the current one just to force me to make a new one faster.

Anyway. Here’s another new feature I’m hoping I can get to do more often on this blog! Because weekly reviews of single shows just wasn’t working out, I wanted to try this instead on top of the ‘What I watched’ posts – this way there’s not a 3 month gap between the First Impressions and the season wrap-up posts, but it also means lightening the load a bit on those wrap-up posts as the shows won’t typically need an introduction then.

It just so happens that I’ve been able to watch a lot this season, because…uh…I’ve been barely motivated to do anything else in my free time due to Current Global Event. So let’s get on with it.

Aren’t we all

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Junko’s Spring 2020 First Impressions – Part 1

Sorry for the delay, guys! It felt like I would never find the time to watch these shows…but I did, so here we go!


Let’s get things started with some BASEBALL!

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Spring 2020 First Impressions 1

I mentioned this before, but I wanted to trial a new way of doing First Impressions on this blog so that I can keep doing them, as streamlining the process is the only way I’m going to be able to keep it up. As luck would have it, there was comparatively less new shows this season when cutting out all prequels/sequels/Netflix jail/stuff I really couldn’t be bothered with, so I only have six shows total. This first post contains the first three shows of the season I watched. Junko is also First Impression-ing this season, so watch out for their post soon too. My second post will be up in a few more days.

still can’t believe this guy is called ‘Headon’.

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What I watched – Winter 2020

Hey again everyone, I hope you’re managing to stay safe in this very bizarre current time. To tell the truth, with everything that was going on I was considering putting the blog on indefinite hiatus, but I still want to try out a new review method for the just-started Spring season. This time it will be just me and Junko, and luckily theres a much lower number of shows after cutting out all the sequels, prequels and stuff we just don’t want to bother with so things seem doable. My first post for the first batch of new shows I watch will be up in a few more days.

In the mean-time, here’s what I was watching these last three months.

accurate portrayal of me and my family looking at news websites this past month.

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2019 Moeronpan Anime Awards

Sorry for the wait on this one! Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of time this year so there’s a bunch of shows I didn’t get to see – and stuff like Beastars which was being held hostage by Netflix and not legally simulcast. But we did still get through a decent amount of the year’s offerings, so it’s time for the 2019 autopsy!

Before we start, here’s the usual set of disclaimers:
Disclaimer 1: Again, none of us watched everything that aired this year, so bear in mind that our individual picks are more drawing from the pool of ‘what 2019 anime I watched this year’ rather than ‘what 2019 anime aired this year’. It’s entirely possible that there are a number of fantastic  (and terrible) shows we never got the chance to see that deserved awards in one or more category.
Disclaimer 2: These are the opinions of the reviewers and some of these opinions may only be based on the first episode of each show.
Disclaimer 3: This feature is purely for fun and if you disagree with any of the views of any of the reviewers that’s perfectly fine, and you’re even welcome to voice your disagreement for the sake of discussion in the comments…just don’t be a moron about it.
Disclaimer 4: There’s spoilers, it’s kind of hard to avoid it – particularly for ‘best scene/episode’. Because of this, we’ve decided that from 2019 onwards the ‘Best scene/episode’ reviews will be at the end of the feature, so anyone wanting to avoid the spoilers can read the rest first and stop there if they want to.

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