What I watched – Spring 2020 Roundup

Another season ends….although what an atypical season it was. A good deal of shows had their production massively impacted by COVID – although of the ones I was watching, only Gal & Dino was affected. Luckily, I got to finish most of the other stuff from my mid-season report. 

I’ll be starting on the brand new seasons first impressions later on – because due to both COVID and the surprising amount of sequels this season, there actually is so little to review that when divided up, I’m not sure if its worth making two separate posts or not.

Onward to my final thoughts on these shows!
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Spring 2020 Mid-Season Report

First up – I finally changed the layout on this site after…I don’t wanna count how many years. And despite saying so over a year ago and then never delivering on that promise, there will be a new banner, and i purposefully removed the current one just to force me to make a new one faster.

Anyway. Here’s another new feature I’m hoping I can get to do more often on this blog! Because weekly reviews of single shows just wasn’t working out, I wanted to try this instead on top of the ‘What I watched’ posts – this way there’s not a 3 month gap between the First Impressions and the season wrap-up posts, but it also means lightening the load a bit on those wrap-up posts as the shows won’t typically need an introduction then.

It just so happens that I’ve been able to watch a lot this season, because…uh…I’ve been barely motivated to do anything else in my free time due to Current Global Event. So let’s get on with it.

Aren’t we all

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What I watched – Winter 2020

Hey again everyone, I hope you’re managing to stay safe in this very bizarre current time. To tell the truth, with everything that was going on I was considering putting the blog on indefinite hiatus, but I still want to try out a new review method for the just-started Spring season. This time it will be just me and Junko, and luckily theres a much lower number of shows after cutting out all the sequels, prequels and stuff we just don’t want to bother with so things seem doable. My first post for the first batch of new shows I watch will be up in a few more days.

In the mean-time, here’s what I was watching these last three months.

accurate portrayal of me and my family looking at news websites this past month.

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Summer 2019 Anime Round-Up Post

Hey all! Just popping in to post this round-up review. At this time, I still don’t know if I’ll be able to fully blog a series next season, but I’ll hopefully be around to do first impression posts for the upcoming fall season! My reviews this time are a bit briefer than usual due to a lack of free time on my end.

The size difference between these two is a little amusing.

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What I Watched – Spring 2019

Since I was pretty busy these past few months, other than blogging Sarazanmai there were only three other shows I was following, but I may as well talk about them before we start the next round of First Impressions.

Actually, I didn’t even have time to keep up with them so I binged the rest of these three shows today.

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Winter 2019 Anime Round-Up Post

Here are the reviews for all the other anime I watched this season, that I didn’t have time to blog every episode of.

And, just to clarify, since I realized what date it is; this isn’t an April Fool’s joke post.

I got more attached to these girls than I expected.

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What I watched – Summer Season 2018

Hey, it’s time for me to come out of hibernation again!
I thought this post would be a good excuse to talk a little about my absence from the blog. I haven’t reviewed an entire series since Houseki no Kuni and that was autumn season last year. There’s a lot of reasons for this – part of it is how busy I was, part of it was a lack of anime that I wanted to blog, but one of the main reasons is that, sadly, the whole episode reviewing thing just became a chore to me. Eventually I realized it was time to think about the future of this blog.
Next year, Moeronpan will turn 10 whole years old. That’s a pretty impressive life-span for an anime review blog – apparently it gets said that most only last two years. Even if we aren’t the most active blog, I’m kind of, just a little tiny bit proud that it still exists, and that you will soon be able to see a decades worth of anime reviews on it. And while looking back at our early years stuff its hard not to cringe at our writing (or even our taste in anime, its funny to think how many shows what have very different ratings if we’d blogged them now), it’s also cool to see how much we’ve grown.

Basically, as it stands right now, I still really like doing First Impression reviews, and I still really like doing the Awards posts at the end of each year. Even if I decide to give up on individual reviews, I’d like to keep doing those, and roundup posts like this one – it’s more a question of whether its worth keeping the blog running just for those. (Not to mention the site is in desperate need of an overhaul in terms of banner/layout, and it would be pointless to do so if I didn’t plan to continue)

Anyway, I haven’t made a concrete decision yet. I will do this seasons First Impressions, and the 2018 awards post, as normal, and hopefully by January I’ll have a better idea of how motivated I am to continue Moeronpan-ing.

With that all out of the way, here’s a quick wrap-up of the few shows I managed to watch this past season.
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Summer 2018 Anime Round-Up Post

Hey all! The Fall 2018 anime season is fast approaching; but before that, here’s some round-up reviews of the anime I managed to watch for the summer. (We Rent Tsukumogami‘s last review will be up once the last two episodes of the series airs.)

The Asobi Asobase girls at their most fashionable.

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