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I have officially finished my grad project and I am glad to be back! Have an anime round-up post from me before the First Impression reviews start rolling out.

So. These six dudes again.



The post in which I talk about what I watched this season, but it ended up being a post mostly about Sakura Quest… Sorry.



Alright, an explanation. I originally made this ‘what I watched’ post not too far into the new season, slightly delayeddue to being busy and Dragon Maid not finishing before the new season started. However after posting it I realized I’d somehow forgotten Rakugo Shinjuu (SOMEHOW) and so took the post down so it could be edited before going back up. With a bunch of things going on like Skins and then Junko visiting, this kept getting more and more delayed, and then I suddenly realized it was June 1st and there were literally 4 more weeks until the next anime season.
So uh…sorry for the delay! Here’s that post again.


I managed to watch a lot of anime this season, even though I sadly wasn’t able to blog many of them. Here are some round-up reviews from the 2017 winter anime season!

(I know this round up post is late and smack dab in the middle of the spring First Impressions… you can blame the Dragon Maid anime for that)

Hikari will always hold a special place in my heart.


I know this is super late by now, but here it finally is.

Flip Flapping!


Hi everyone! Despite deciding not to continue reviewing Joker Game, I did end up watching a fairly large number of series this season, so I figured I’d contribute my first ever Season Round-Up post to this blog. Make sure to check out Ariana’s Spring 2016 Round-Up as well, as we watched mostly different things.

Shows are presented roughly in the order from the one I liked most to the one I liked least (and man, this season’s “least” was a doozy).

OK then, I dream of an anime season with zero crappy shows


Hi guys, I don’t know if this is going to be a regular thing (probably not)–but I managed to watch some really good anime this season; and even though I didn’t get the chance to blog them, I still wanted to talk about them for a bit. I feel like these anime need a little bit more attention.

(The review for the final ep of Sakamoto will be up after it airs!)



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