Hetalia World Series Episode 48

Holy geez why don’t I ever have any time nowadays. I’m going to be really busy with this first aid exam/course until this Thursday, and I have to manage to draw Southern Cross on top of that. Then there’s the two Level E episodes I haven’t reviewed, one of which I haven’t even had the chance to watch yet, and as selfish as it may sound to say it I’m kind of relieved in a way that Madoka Magica’s on a little hiatus. So…I’m skipping the review for World Series 47. Which is probably for the best, anyway, it’d just be my usual broken-record ‘why does everyone like America except me also America and Japan are so boring together and here even more than usual’ which no one really wants to read. All the same it’s not like I’m skipping it out of spite or anything, I just happen to be amazingly lazy. Let’s just say I’d have given it 2 and half melonpan and move on to episode 48.
Which just so happens to be the last episode. Counting seasons 1 and 2 (Axis Powers), this is Episode 100.


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Ginmaku Hetalia Axis Powers – Paint it, White (Shiro nukure!) /Hetalia the Movie

I know a bunch of this blog’s readers have been waiting for this review since the movie came out last year, so finally, here it is! Why this took so long to get on DVD I have no idea. But being the collector I am, I got hold of the Special Edition so I’ll be talking about that too. This review is going to be huge, but remember there will be spoilers, so if you don’t want anything in the movie spoiled either don’t read it or just read the part at the start where I talk about the Special Edition.

Himaruya’s pretty cover for the special edition.

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Hetalia World Series Epiosde 43

Two things: firstly, Ariana’s computer is being crappy so there’s going to be a much longer wait for Gossick and a first impression review of that one new magical girl anime that isn’t full of wtf and soulcrushing.
Secondly, I have the Hetalia Movie (special edition) DVD right here so the review is going to be quite soon. Tomorrow soon!

...I still can't work out what he's holding.

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Hetalia World Series Episode 41

We're off to a fabulous start.

To the Hetalia fans among this blog’s readers: the movie is now out on (Japanese)DVD! Unfortunately I have to wait about 3 or so more days for mine to ship as it’s shipping with the HMO Miku, so I won’t have my special edition DVD until it arrives 1-2 weeks after that. But look forward to a big review for it then!
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