Kino’s Journey/Kino no Tabi

Here’s the usual SPOILER warning. With this episode especially, it’s best if you go into the episode unspoilt.

I’m surprised they let Hermes into what is essentially a museum.


As always, there are SPOILERS.

Hey, it’s that guy again!


There are SPOILERS.

Howl’s Moving Country.


Hey all, nothing I FI’d this season particularly caught my interest, so Moeronpan kindly let me take over blogging for Kino’s Journey. Like Moeronpan, I have little to no background knowledge of this series; so I hope you guys don’t mind reading this reviewer’s “outside perspective.”

Warning for SPOILERS in this review.

You’re never really lonely when you have a talking motorbike as a traveling companion.


Kino no tabi – the Beautiful World: the Animated Series~ the First Impression : the WordPress Post


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