Not again!

Aw nuts.
So you’ve probably noticed that the OPM reviews have been pretty consistently late as it is, but now it looks like I’ll have to give up blogging it entirely. My computer is dead and I’m currently borrowing my mother’s old clunker. It works, but it makes things take at least 3 times as long as they normally would, which is not ideal at all. It means I have to think more carefully about what I use my time for and get rid of anything I can in order to save time – especially as its christmas season, meaning I have quite a few art commissions to get done. And unfortunately OPM is the weakest link – not because its a bad show by any means, but because reviewing just about -anything- was time consuming enough on the old wordpress format, let alone this hideous new design that takes even longer for me. This is a stressful season and I don’t really want to spend all of it in front of a screen. As great as OPM is, I need the time off, plus I can also use the time I would have been using to review it to work on the moeronpan 2015 anime awards post which I definitely dont want to have to miss out on due to all this.

It’s a huge pain that I didn’t get to finish two series in a row, though. Especially right when the show was getting really good. I may have a better computer in time for the next season, though!