Winter Anime Season 2016 Round-up

Hey guys, I know I’ve basically disappeared after I got seriously ill in February. It took me around two weeks to fully recover, after which I was unmotivated to do any reviews because I had so much schoolwork to catch up on. Nonetheless, I still watched a few anime this season so I’ll do an overall review of them here now that the winter anime season is finally over.


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A note concerning my reviews

I feel this right now

Hey guys, Ariana here. I feel bad about doing this (especially since we’re missing so many reviewers atm already, but I’m going to have to put my Osomatsu-san and Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju reviews on hold. It’s almost like the entire universe is conspiring against me, as multiple health problems flared up all at once. I’ve been sick for about five days now and while I’m getting better, I’m still not completely well and am currently super stressed about catching up on schoolwork. And since my health and schoolwork trumps doing reviews, I’ll have to stop doing them for a bit.

It might be too soon to say, but I might have to end up dropping Rakugo anime. Not for being bad, but just for my illness coming at such a bad time. That show is amazing, but incredibly time-consuming for me to review. As for the Osomatsu-san anime, I can probably catch up on that pretty quickly; as reviews for that are easier to write.

Anyway, I’ll see you guys. Hopefully sooner rather than later.