Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii – 2, 3

First, an introduction.

My name is Skins – I’m old, and getting older, much to my horror and my humbleness. I live in Northern Victoria, Australia, and I’ve been a fan of anime for 16 years. While I haven’t watched as many as some, being busy with life, as we always are, I’ve watched a lot of anime that a lot of others wouldn’t do. My friend Moeronpan told me a while ago that she’d love some new admins to review some anime, and I jumped at the chance to do just as much, as it’s something I’ve wanted to do for some time now.

My current occupation is Web Development, so I’m fairly skilled in coding. My busy times fluctuate as my jobs do, so you can expect either a flood or a drizzle depending on the seasons delicacies.

I’m pretty mellow and I will give anything a chance show-wise, so you can expect a wide variety of different anime from me as far as my tastes go. I plan to review things that interest me, things that don’t, things from the past and I might even throw some manga reviews in if I get the chance.

Now, onto the review!

Behold, the lil' shota shit.
Behold, the lil’ shota shit.

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