The World God Only Knows

As surprisingly good as the TWGOK season 3 anime has been, I’m afraid I have to drop it.  I just cannot keep up with four series a season, especially when I never even stuck with three series before.  It doesn’t seem like I can say very much about the TWGOK anime so far, so I think I’ll just do one big overall review when all the episodes have finished airing.

Anyway, there are once again SPOILERS!!!

Hey Haqua, remember that you’re talking to the CONQUERING GOD



Belated reviews ack!  Forgive me, I was sick for a few days and just wanted to not have to worry about reviewing. I’m still feeling a bit weird right now, but managed to get this up.  Mushibugyou may or may not be done as a batch review depending on time.  Same with Fantasista Dolls (which I’ve decided I still want to review).

So… I watched the second episode and decided that I’ll probably still review this. Just as a mini-review, though. Also, after the anger from the first episode has worn off, I’ve formed a more coherent and somewhat revised opinion of the first episode which you can find below in the “My Opinion” section. SPOILERS ABOUND!!!



Even though this is the third season of the TWGOK anime, it actually skips very far ahead and deals with one of the more recent arcs in the manga.  Thus, there are huge spoilers for those who are planning to read the manga.


I’m not one to use the phrase “RUINED FOREVER” but… this episode was just…


Once again, it’s the last TWGOK episode of the season…

You know a game's going to be good when it's logo has the letters "BS" in it... /sarcasm


Keima definitely looks more bishonen here compared to the first season...


Of course, she got a pink one. (Also, ignore that annoying ad thing in the corner. I'll try to be more careful when taking caps next time)


I'm glad the anime hasn't completely squashed ALL Keima/Elsie shipping-ness... even if Keima's just nerding out about games here.


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