Yeah, it was a given that I’d do this one.
Some fun lil tidbits first, the tagging on Viktor’s instagram/twitter/whatever fake SNS it is reveals that this is set in Saga prefecture right next to Fukuoka. Which, to be honest, makes me laugh even more because Saga is even hotter than Fukuoka. So I’m still going to stay confused about how cold and snowy its portrayed at the start. As for Hasetsu, I finally found out that it does actually exist! Well, kind of. The reason no one could find anything was because there technically isn’t any town in Saga called Hasetsu. There is, however, a town called Karatsu which is definitely what Hasetsu is modeled on. Here is a blog post from a helpful Japanese netizen who was also determined to get to the bottom of this. The statue, castle and even Yutopia (under a different name of course – although it even serves katsudon apparently) also all exist. Why they didn’t just call the town Karatsu, I don’t know. The only reason I even care so much about this is because if an anime is going to concern Kyushu for once I feel like its my duty to care. Especially when it’s in the prefecture next door to where I am now.

Viktor is so moe I didnt foresee this

Viktor is so moe I didn’t foresee this