Etotama Episode 2

Alright, I’ve decided on what two series I’m going to be blogging for the spring anime season.  The first series is Pleiades, and the second one is this; Etotama.  The review for this series is out first because I watched it first to see if I still wanted to continue reviewing it.  Next week (and onwards), Pleiades will be done first because that one comes out earlier in the week.

Don’t you hate it when you wake up one morning and suddenly find yourself with an unwanted harem?

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A First Impression: Etotama Episode 1

Sorry for getting First Impressions out so late.  A combination of work x housework had left me feeling exhausted, and the last thing I wanted to do was review anime.  But it’s the weekend now and I’ll try to hopefully catch up on the remaining four anime I need to review.

Not only does this dude look like Keima, he’s also voiced by the same VA (Hiro Shimono)!

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