(Joujuu Senjin!!) Mushibugyou

Still taking a break from First Impressions.  They’ll return tomorrow!

For now, have some more Mushibugyou as it continues into its second season!

Silly man; in a series where most of the main characters use blades, do you really think a gun would be effective?



This is probably the easiest review I’ve had to write yet.

Oh no she’s cute


FINALLY got this review done.  And I guess I was wrong about this being the final review for Mushibugyou.  Turns out that this series is gonna continue on into the summer anime season, hooray!  I’m glad for it, ‘cause I really do love this series so far.  Anyway, onto the review!



There are SPOILERS, obviously.

Most of my caps for this episode ended up featuring Miss Magistrate, whoops




Getting this review up early because why not.

Pictured: Me whenever summer rolls around.


Sorry for the somewhat erratic update schedule lately—my life’s been pretty hectic.  I’m going to do Hataraku Maou-sama episodes 7 and 8 as a batch review since Mushibugyou is way easier (and faster) for me to do reviews of.

Just a giant rampaging beetle, nothing to see here folks.


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