Random Manga Review Post 2020

Ariana here. I have not been able to watch any anime at all due to circumstances, but I was able to read quite a bit of manga thanks to my job. (Working in a library puts you in close vicinity to a lot of books, whooo.) These are going to be extremely brief reviews because I am currently not able to access a lot of these manga titles due to current work circumstances, and a recent move which put a lot of my personal collection in the Storage Zone.

These reviews will also be brief as I’ve finished some series many months ago and won’t be able to discuss them in-depth. So why am I only putting up reviews for these manga now? Because I finally have the free time to, and I just want to talk about something I enjoy, which is manga/anime.


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Princess Tutu Manga Vol. 1 + 2

Note: Still busy studying for midterms–have this review I’ve been saving in my buffer!

Since Itachi (moeronpan) has finally finished reviewing the Princess Tutu anime, I thought it’d be a good time to review the Princess Tutu manga. Although many fans have decried it as being so bad that it’s been dropped out of the PT canon, I still think it’s worth a review.

Spoilers ahead! (manga and anime)

Wow that's... a lot of peach.

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Clamp in Wonderland Collection (Artbook)

Since both me and Moeronpan are both busy with school right now, have an artbook review that I’ve been keeping in my buffer!


Finally, the review of the last artbook I bought overseas.

Sorry in advance for really crappy photos. I have no idea what happened–either I was very tired the day I took photos or my hands were extremely shakey. The photos didn’t look too bad in the camera, so I didn’t realize how bad they were until I started fixing them up (in photoshop) for this review. I can’t re-take photos now since University has started up again, so my apologies. However, this does not excuse bad photos so I will try to take better ones in the future.

To be honest, I initially bought this artbook just because of the cover...

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Pieces of the World (Artbook)

Note: Shiki’s taken a few weeks break before the start of the next season, so no Shiki review this week! Since the anime series…es I want to review for the new fall season haven’t aired yet, here’s a little artbook review to tide you over! I should be able to review one new anime next week, though! …Hopefully!

This is another artbook which I bought overseas. The artist’s name is Kaya Kuramoto, but I’ve been unable to find much information about her. Kuramoto seems to be a doujin artist and illustrator for light novels, I’m guessing. Anyway, you can find her site here:


The cover's pretty cool.

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Megami Magazine September 2010 Issue

I only really got this magazine in order to get the Black Rock Shooter DVD that came with it, but I might as well review this magazine because I can’t read it. (*doesn’t know any Japanese*)

Warning: Image heavy!

Despite the cover being Strike Witches, I'm glad that it's not overly fanservicey.

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