This is the page for Torino(AKA Moeronpan)’s Southern Cross – a dumb webcomic about a bunch of hopefully amusing people known as the eight state capital cities of Australia. Southern Cross is a moe anthropomorphization (AKA gijinka) comic – featuring Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Darwin, Adelaide and Perth. It’s about their relationships, their rivalries, their teamwork, their personal tragedies, and the fact that they’re all, at heart…a little dysfunctional. Primarily a comedy (or at least trying to be), you don’t have to know anything about Australia for this. Hell, you don’t even have to care about Australia either. And maybe you’ll learn a thing or two…but don’t worry. It’s not that kind of educational.

The comic itself is hosted on SmackJeeves, so you can go ahead and click the banner above to go right there. Meanwhile, this page will eventually host more information about it (key word being eventually), for the time being a FAQ.

It updates pretty irregularly, but it does update. Enjoy the shenanigans.


Or just ‘AQ’ because these questions were asked once and not frequently. I didn’t know if I’d get an FAQ because I’d have to actually have people ask questions for that, but then people actually did! Amazing. If you have a question yourself, either comment here or on the comic somewhere. Doesn’t matter if they’re serious or dumb, dumb questions are more fun anyway.
1. Will I understand this if I’m not Australian?
The idea is that Australians will ‘get’ things, but non-Australians can ‘learn’ things. I write it with a mostly non-Australian audience in mind though (and that seems to be what I’ve gained already) so I explain all references and any cultural details in footnotes/author notes. Don’t take it as some kind of boring lesson though.

2. What is the Southern Cross?

The Southern Cross is the name of the most famous constellation visible in the southern hemisphere. (It’s also called Crux, Latin for Cross) It’s featured on the Australian flag and has a lot of significance in Australia itself (there are a lot of businesses with it in the name) but it’s also relevant to other countries like Brazil and Indonesia.

3. Where does Sydney get his suits?
They are all tailor-made and incredibly expensive.

4. Why the cities and not states?
I just thought the relationship between the cities was much more amusing, and I think they’re easier to personify. It was Sydney/Melbourne’s ongoing supremacy battle that made me want to do this anyway. The states are more like their homes, that they are the administrative centers of.

5. Isn’t this a ripoff of Hetalia?
Heavily influenced by=/=rip-off. Not to mention the fact that Hetalia did not pioneer the idea of moe anthropomorphization in the first place. I made SC because I like gijinka, not because I like Hetalia (and to be honest, I cant really say I’m that interested in Hetalia anymore anyway..

6. Will any other cities (other than the state capitals) appear?
The idea was that it would be only about the state capitals, but I’ve actually been entertaining the idea of having cities like Cairns at a later date. I’m still not really sure though. As for foreign cities, they will get mentioned in canon but I won’t ‘design’ them. I don’t really feel like I could make an accurate representation of the city compared to someone who at least lived in that city’s country.

7. Which city do you live in?
Sydney would be the most accurate answer, I just don’t live there all the time, and live in some nondescript NSW country town about 5 hours away. I lived there during university semester, though, and since a lot of my relatives live there we always visited a few times a year so it’s like a second home. I’m close enough to Sydney to know ‘him’ better than any of the others, and distant enough to be able to see all the faults, both of which are really useful for making a character based on the city.

8. Have you been to all the cities?
I plan to do this, but I’ve currently only been to half of them. Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra I have also not been to that often. I went to Brisbane at least 3-4 times when I was younger, but have only been to Melbourne and Canberra about twice.
I really want to go to Hobart though. Of course it was easier making characters out of cities I’d been to….and Adelaide was especially difficult for me, but I have a friend living there who helped me out a bit and she seems pretty pleased with the result. I do wonder how different the others would be if I’d lived there a while though.

9. If you are (mostly) from Sydney, do you think Sydney is better than Melbourne?
I used to, because it is in the blood of Sydneysiders. Maybe because I’m not a ‘true’ Sydneysider, but I like them both. I often like Melbourne more though because of all the artsy-ness, Sydney just has the advantage of familiarity. I really don’t know which I’d prefer if I was from, say, Brisbane.

10. I am from ___ and I am offended.
This isn’t intended to be offensive, just tongue-in-cheek. But if you really think so, you don’t have to read it. That’s the wonder of the back-button.

11. This is the worst thing I have ever read.


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  1. edwin Says:

    funny FAQ (=-=) y
    love to read it

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