Autumn 2020 First Impressions – Moeronpan #1

This season is gonna be a bit dicey unfortunately, for one thing, it seems a lot bigger than usual due to the number of shows meant to air in the previous season that got delayed due to COVID, and we’re also busy. It’s unlikely we’ll get the chance to watch everything (and not even most of everything) but we can at least try to see a selection. Stuff will also probably be late, so I’ll be doing small batch posts throughout October.

Azone? In my new anime season anime? It’s more likely than you think!
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Summer 2020 First Impressions – Ariana

Hi everyone! I’m really glad to be back for First Impression reviews after skipping out on them last season. Since I only had three shows, I decided to stick them all in one post too.

Pretty to look at, but not much substance…

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Summer 2020 First Impressions – Moeronpan

Like I said before, it’s a smaller season this time so I wanted to do all my shows in one hit. Let’s dive in and see if I ended up with anything good!

I’m just gonna spoil it for you now: I didn’t.

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Junko’s Spring 2020 First Impressions – Part 1

Sorry for the delay, guys! It felt like I would never find the time to watch these shows…but I did, so here we go!


Let’s get things started with some BASEBALL!

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Spring 2020 First Impressions 1

I mentioned this before, but I wanted to trial a new way of doing First Impressions on this blog so that I can keep doing them, as streamlining the process is the only way I’m going to be able to keep it up. As luck would have it, there was comparatively less new shows this season when cutting out all prequels/sequels/Netflix jail/stuff I really couldn’t be bothered with, so I only have six shows total. This first post contains the first three shows of the season I watched. Junko is also First Impression-ing this season, so watch out for their post soon too. My second post will be up in a few more days.

still can’t believe this guy is called ‘Headon’.

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