Megami Magazine September 2010 Issue

I only really got this magazine in order to get the Black Rock Shooter DVD that came with it, but I might as well review this magazine because I can’t read it. (*doesn’t know any Japanese*)

Warning: Image heavy!

Despite the cover being Strike Witches, I'm glad that it's not overly fanservicey.

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Baka to Test to Shokanju 13 (Final)

Hey, check out the fancy new blog-style! This is mostly because I wanted it to be able to display who wrote what post, as this old style couldn’t do that for some reason. So Moeronpan looks oddly snazzy now. I’m not sure if this has caused any style errors in the posts (some of the other styles I tried out did this), but anyway. Have a late review for BakaTest’s season finale. (It’s getting a second season by the way, woot)
I’ll also be taking a 3-day absence from tomorrow, but when I get back I’ll start reviewing some of the new anime season. Time really flies…

I should also probably apologize for the lower quality caps.

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