Nendoroid Dead Master by Good Smile Company

If you’ve looked at my past comments on some of Moeronpan’s nendoroid reviews, you’ve probably noticed that I wasn’t too fond of nendos in general back then. It’s been two years since that time, and my views on them have definitely changed.

(A fairly long and wordy review ahead!)

Some might say she looks sinister--I think she looks adorable.

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Black★Rock Shooter OVA

Okay, sorry this took so long. I had been determined to review this as soon as I heard about it, and I even bought it. (Well, the Animedia issue it came free with). A quick primer for those who are still confused about ‘why a vocaloid song got made into an anime’ : Black★Rock Shooter is an original character by the artist huke. She is not Hatsune Miku (to be honest, I’m kind of sick of so many people thinking she’s ~dark miku~ or something. She doesn’t even look like Miku. Do people think every character with twintails looks like Miku now? If anything, I think she mostly resembles Lenalee from D.Gray-man. Besides, her twintails are two different lengths anyway.)  Basically Ryo (of supercell fame) saw the picture, thought it nifty, and made a song about her using Hatsune’s Miku’s vocals, with a PV that huke collaborated on; and it was the song that got BRS recognition (even if, sadly, a lot of the recognition seems to be ‘that dark Miku’ or ‘that Miku lookalike’) There are numerous other characters in the BRS universe, such as her nemesis Dead Master, Black Gold Saw, etc….but what exactly the story behind these girls is, and why they run around fighting each other in Chess Land is something I never really understood, but whatever, they look cool doing it. Anyway, the concept became the 50 minute OVA you see here.  Which is fairly straight forward I guess. What isn’t quite as straight-forward is why this project was so hyped. First they released a pilot  version on DVD which was a number of music videos with footage from the anime proper to remixes of the Black★Rock Shooter song. Then they included the actual OVA in three different magazines (Animedia, Megami and Hobby Japan, for the records), said DVD is region-free and subtitled in seven languages. there will also be a retail version of the DVD. Plus it’s currently (or soon) streaming free somewhere, not to mention the merchandising juggernaut the whole thing suddenly is.
/tl;dr, let’s see what this OVA actually is.

pettan pettan tsurupettan~

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