Hetalia World Series Episode 22

Hey you know what’d be awesome; if I actually reviewed the last episode of Princess Tutu already, despite the fact that I watched it over a month ago. I’LL GET AROUND TO THAT. Really.

The streams still look stretched out to me,but the one I downloaded was only half the episode for some unknown reason and I was too lazy to look for it again for better caps, because this episode isn't that great anyway. Whatevs.

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Vocaloid PV Post -Extended GUMI Edition

Image by Ako on Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=12014587

Nico Video seems to have been hit with a sudden wave of Awesome in the past two weeks, and a notable spike in GUMI PVs as well (never mind that her birthday was over a week before this…). This post has more videos than normal because of this…but also because this will be the last PV post for a few months due to me going back to university and limited internet and all that.
In vaguely-related-to-Vocaloid news, the Black Rock Shooter OVA is out and people have started to blog about it, it seems. I won’t get my copy for a little while longer (I’m getting the issue of Animedia it comes free with, which ships a bit later than the other two magazines it’s with) but I’ll be reviewing it. Provided I can tear myself away from Project Diva 2nd.
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