First, an open letter to Netflix: screw you. ¬†Nobody is ever happy about you guys getting the license to an anime, because for some reason you don’t seem to understand that anime fans like to watch things as they air an episode at a time. Literally no one wants to wait until the show has finished airing and then watch it all at once. Legal streams are supposed to combat piracy, not encourage it. I have a personal policy where I try not to watch anything that I can’t watch legally (although I do sometimes have to make exceptions for First Impressions), but I couldn’t pass up a new Fate and I wasn’t going to wait 6 goddamn months to see even one episode. For that reason, as awesome as this first episode was, out of sheer good faith I won’t be blogging it, but I’m still doing this first impression after resorting to fansubs. Seriously, screw you Netflix, get a clue already. ¬†At least don’t act surprised if people aren’t willing to wait for a show you’re holding hostage for 6 months when literally ever other licensing company in this day and age does simulcasts.

I have no idea what’s going on here but hey it looks cool.