Go Princess Precure Cutie Figure Set

We usually don’t do too many trading figure reviews on here, but I figured I might as well do a mini-review of these lovelies I got a few days ago because they’re relatively new and it’s something slightly different for the blog.  Trying to experiment with picture-taking so apologies in advance for crappy-looking photos.

Our three heroines! (From left to right, Cure Twinkle, Cure Flora, and Cure Mermaid)

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Nendoroid Dead Master by Good Smile Company

If you’ve looked at my past comments on some of Moeronpan’s nendoroid reviews, you’ve probably noticed that I wasn’t too fond of nendos in general back then. It’s been two years since that time, and my views on them have definitely changed.

(A fairly long and wordy review ahead!)

Some might say she looks sinister--I think she looks adorable.

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