Nendoroid Puchi: Vocaloid Set

First of all: This will be the last post for nearly-but-not-quite-2 weeks, as tomorrow I’m on christmas holidays with my family in Osaka/Nagano/other places. I wanted to get this review done before then though.

I almost didn’t do this review today solely because the photos are quite terrible due to the lighting. My Fukuoka apartment isn’t bad (besides being miniscule), but it’s not particularly well-lit. Thus, I will probably replace all the photos at a later date (as well as include the necessary but currently missing ‘let’s switch everyone’s heads’ photo)

Time for another cuteness invasion, this time courtesy of Good Smile.

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Kashimashi; Hazumu Kotobukiya Figure

It’s ironic that right when I plan on a few new reviews, I get swamped with uni work.  But I did find the opportunity to review something I recently found in the figure section of second-hand anime/manga superstore Mandarake. It’s not a terribly recent figure and your chances of ever finding one are probably quite slim…but I honestly love it, and hey, I want to review it.

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Nendoroid Shana, Enpatsu Shakugan ver. (Shakugan no Shana)

It seems fitting that Moeronpan’s first review should feature a moe girl that loves melon pan (and of course the lovely girl addorning the banner), so without further ado I’m going to review Goodsmile’s nendoroidization of the Enpatsu Shakugan (or ‘flaming hair and eyes’) version of beloved tsundere Shana.  Please excuse my terribly amateur photography (and maybe give me some tips if you can), and follow the cut…

Her gaze compells you to.

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