Puella Magi Madoka Magica Finale (Episodes 11 and 12)

Gaa sorry this took so long to get up, as everyone should know the episodes themselves were delayed and then they came out while I was away, and then I didn’t get to actually see them until yesterday. Note that, although these are two separate episodes, they aired as an hour-long special finale so I will review it as such. Also, and it should be obvious, this is a post filled with spoilers so don’t even read it if you don’t want that. It’s also filled with gushing.

"Hey, how can we make the standard image of Kyuubey look even more nightmare-inducing? I KNOW!"

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Princess Tutu Episode 26 (Final)

No you are not seeing things, it’s the episode 26 Princess Tutu review, finally. Even though I actually watched this episode way back in July/August and had the draft sitting on my dashboard for a ridiculously long time. Anyway, it’s my last PT-related post. (But Ariana’s going to review the manga apparently, so it won’t be the last on this blog)

the epitome of manliness.

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