Ginmaku Hetalia Axis Powers – Paint it, White (Shiro nukure!) /Hetalia the Movie

I know a bunch of this blog’s readers have been waiting for this review since the movie came out last year, so finally, here it is! Why this took so long to get on DVD I have no idea. But being the collector I am, I got hold of the Special Edition so I’ll be talking about that too. This review is going to be huge, but remember there will be spoilers, so if you don’t want anything in the movie spoiled either don’t read it or just read the part at the start where I talk about the Special Edition.

Himaruya’s pretty cover for the special edition.

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Hetalia World Series Episode 29


Who the hell picks the paintings the character's display in their homes, anyway.


Yeah writing troll-reviews is fun and all but now I’m returning to your normally scheduled Incredibly Seriousbusiness and Thought-Provoking Hetalia Reviews. Also a friendly neighbourhood reminder to try not to feed trolls too much, or they might start thinking they’re people.
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