Warning: Ranting. Lots and lots of ranting.  Also, this will be my last review until after December 6th, because Finals.

Okay Guilty Crown, I’ve put up with your BS for six episodes, three of which were painfully mediocre. And now you give me THIS shit?! GUILTY CROOOOOOOOOOOOOWN!!!!! D:<

I would make a witty comment about this, but everything about Guilty Crown suddenly drives me into an inexplicable RAGE


Episode 5 of Chibi Devi! still hasn’t come out yet, so all I can do is just twiddle my thumbs awkwardly and wait until it finally comes out (if it’s ever coming out that is, in which case I’m glad I still have this series to review).

What does Ayase see in him?


I think it’s pretty obvious that there will be tons of spoilers from here on out, so consider every new post about this series to have a SPOILER WARNING.

He's a lot nicer than I thought he would be... though that just makes him scarier...