Hetalia World Series Epiosde 43

Two things: firstly, Ariana’s computer is being crappy so there’s going to be a much longer wait for Gossick and a first impression review of that one new magical girl anime that isn’t full of wtf and soulcrushing.
Secondly, I have the Hetalia Movie (special edition) DVD right here so the review is going to be quite soon. Tomorrow soon!

...I still can't work out what he's holding.

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Hetalia World Series Episode 41

We're off to a fabulous start.

To the Hetalia fans among this blog’s readers: the movie is now out on (Japanese)DVD! Unfortunately I have to wait about 3 or so more days for mine to ship as it’s shipping with the HMO Miku, so I won’t have my special edition DVD until it arrives 1-2 weeks after that. But look forward to a big review for it then!
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Hetalia World Series Episode 24

Sooo is this the season 3 finale, or…? I’m not actually sure if season 3 was set to have 24 or 26 episodes myself. Because honestly, this episode ends in the middle of an arc, so either it’s not the finale, or Deen knew all along they were going to get season 4 greenlit.


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Hetalia World Series Episode 13


We have a new contender for the most ridiculous looking historical costume.

You may have noticed me adding additional tags to the posts. This is not a blatant ripoff of a certain more popular blog (I did sneak in the odd tag with the First Impression posts sometimes beforehand anyway), but it can be taken as a homeage to my favourite lj community singing _robots.

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Hetalia World Series Episode 12

Figures that I had to be away right when the one Hetalia episode the entire fandom was waiting for comes along and so my review ends up later than the rest of the internet.
By the way, has everyone else seen the Maru Kaite 2nd Lap One Coin Grande figures? I’ve already preordered them, so you can bet you’ll see them here around December.But anyway, the time has come, after all the bitching and moaning across the internet about when Deen were going to get around to it, for The War of Austrian Succession.

It's the hair colour Finland should have had. :c

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