Lord El Melloi II Case Files: {Rail Zeppelin} Grace Note Episodes 10-11

Apologies again for the significant delay…both Monty and I have had a rough couple of weeks. The final episodes will also be appearing in batch review form as soon as we can get around to them.

Are you ready for “Waver making this face”? Because I sure wasn’t!

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Lord El Melloi II Case Files: {Rail Zeppelin} Grace Note Episodes 4-5

Sorry for the delay with this, Junko was too busy to do ep 4 so I decided to combine it with the ep 5 review. This actually worked out well because it’s a two-episode story this time!

Also it begins by tearing out your heart and stomping on it!

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Lord El Melloi II Case Files: {Rail Zeppelin} Grace Note Episode 1


Sorry for the brief wait on First Impressions – I have SMASH this weekend and have been scrambling to finish some last minute stuff. I’ll have the other First Impressions up in a few more days. Anyway, as I already stated when I reviewed episode 0 about 6 months ago, Case Files is a spinoff sequel to Fate/Zero where a huge component is the effects of Fate/Zero on the character Waver Velvet, and therefore there are giant honking spoilers for Fate/Zero in it. If you don’t care, you can read on, but if you don’t want Fate/Zero spoiled for you, I recommend watching that series first. It’s still my favourite anime and I heartily recommend it even if you don’t give a damn about Fate, because neither did I before I watched it.
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Lord El Melloi II Case Files: {Rail Zeppelin} Grace Note Episode 0

Oh boy oh boy what an exciting time this is. Although it never got the chance to be featured on this blog at all, my favourite anime of all time is Fate/Zero, and my favourite character of all time is Waver Velvet. On December 31st, this single-episode special based on Waver’s spinoff sequel novel aired, and a full series has been confirmed to air in the summer anime season this year. Naturally, the series itself will be blogged here once that happens…but I also want to do this early episode too. I’m just going to put this out here though – these reviews will have massive Fate/Zero spoilers because it’s impossible not to. This show is also not going to make a lick of sense if you haven’t seen /Zero. Both me and Junko will be doing the reviews because both Fate/Zero and Waver mean a lot to us.

montonous big Waver voice: ‘I’m ecstatic’.

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