Maria+Holic Alive Episode 9

Sorry for all the delays, I hurt my foot and didn’t really feel like doing anything except complaining about it.
In other news, people who follow my tumblr would already know this but I accidentally forgot to announce it here – I dropped Deadman Wonderland. It just wasn’t my kind of show in the end and I wasn’t getting any enjoyment out of it anymore – in fact watching it in itself was becoming a chore.

A nice way to start things off.

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Maria+Holic Alive Episode 1

Gah, worst possible time for my internet to be running out of bandwidth for the month. Hopefully it will replenish soon but if there’s no reviews from me in a while, you’ll know why. Anyway, no ‘first impression’ for Maria+Holic Alive since it’s a sequel and I’d decided I would blog it as soon as it was announced.

It feels like only yesterday Mariya was on my blog!

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