Vocaloid Meiko Nendoroid

Hey everyone, it’s that reviewer that can’t even keep up with a weekly 3 minute series! But at least I can still get my figure reviews done(if getting them done months after the figure comes out counts as ‘getting them done’). But in my absence I got a new camera, plus wordpress seems to have gone all weird and won’t let me put captions on pictures but I’m sure you can live without those.


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Super Vocaloid Post- The Best of 2010

It’s been a pretty eventful year in the Vocaloid scene- a slew of new Vocaloids, Project Diva 2nd, Hatsune Miku’s second live concert, KAT-TUN’s alleged plagiarism of Megurine Luka(AVTechno’s to be precise) song DYE, Miku being mentioned in news papers and tv shows around the globe, the release of the ‘Append’ software for Miku and Rin/Len, and the incredibly exciting announcement that Kaito and Meiko are being revived for the Vocaloid2 engine with something like an Append as well. And of course an absolutely massive amount of new songs.
This post is mainly for me to show off my favourite from each Vocaloid this year, as well as the best PV and best song of 2010 overall. So as we step into the Year of the Rabbit, let’s take a look at Moeronpan’s Tops of 2010.

Image source: "Rabbit Peeeeeeace!" by 雨る on Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=15561263

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Nendoroid Puchi: Vocaloid Set

First of all: This will be the last post for nearly-but-not-quite-2 weeks, as tomorrow I’m on christmas holidays with my family in Osaka/Nagano/other places. I wanted to get this review done before then though.

I almost didn’t do this review today solely because the photos are quite terrible due to the lighting. My Fukuoka apartment isn’t bad (besides being miniscule), but it’s not particularly well-lit. Thus, I will probably replace all the photos at a later date (as well as include the necessary but currently missing ‘let’s switch everyone’s heads’ photo)

Time for another cuteness invasion, this time courtesy of Good Smile.

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Vocaloid MAD Post: Halloween Special

Happy Halloween from Moeronpan! To celebrate, a delightfully creepy Vocaloid MAD post in which I share some of my favourite halloween-appropriate MADs, including one new one. Of course there’s a wealth of these, so if you know any other good ones, please post them in the comments! (Such as Luka and Gumi ones!)  There’s likely a lot of new ones I don’t yet know about as I’m sadly a little more out of the loop with new Vocaloid songs right now.
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Vocaloid MAD post- ‘Be Myself’

It’s time for a belated post about Vocaloids!
I was planning to have this section for every week, however with exams approaching and internet download limit enroaching, it may be a while before I show the next one.  I’ll try to showcase at least 3 MADs for every weekly Vocaloid post; however for my first one I’d just like the put the spotlight on one in particular.
This lovely little video ‘Be Myself’ was gracing the weekly top 10 Vocaloid rankings a few weeks back, and stars the oft-forgotten and sadly underrated Meiko. Since she doesnt get a lot of MADs to star in, particularly of this level of quality, I’d like to share it. My thoughts on it after the cut.

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