The Evil is Defeated

Just a heads up that I finally decided to upgrade to a paid wordpress plan for Moeronpan! Despite the site nearing its 10th birthday, I was embarrassingly unaware of how many GODDAMN ADS are visible when not logged into a wordpress account – especially on mobile. Holy moly. To all of our readers who read the blog on mobile and swim through all those ads, you’re the real MVPs, and I don’t know how you could stand it. But now you don’t have to!

Here are some other upcoming changes to the blog (which hopefully arent too far off):
1) A new banner
2) A mascot
3) An update to the theme/blog appearance
4) More regular season wrap-ups from me (and, hopefully, mid-season reports!

Thanks for reading our blog as always.

Vocaloid Gumi (Megpoid) Nendoroid

Guess what today is! It’s Moeronpan’s 4th anniversary! I was actually really surprised when I saw the notification. This blog started as a way for me to procrastinate during my university years. Since then, I’ve invited Ariana to join me, graduated, started a dumb webcomic, moved to Japan, started working full-time, and fallen in and out of various fandoms (remember when I used to blog Hetalia all the damn time? Remember my Vocaloid PVposts? Vocaloid is still one of my main fandoms though (…hence this review of course) but man is it hard to keep up with). And, of course, ran out of a lot of free time which makes blogging series really difficult for me. I don’t want to quit Moeronpan, and doing the anime seasons First Impressions is still a lot of fun for me, for better or worse. But, don’t worry! Even though I didn’t blog anything this season again, there are some shows I am definitely taking on next season, including one I’ll be co-blogging with Ariana.
That has nothing to do with this review, I just thought some kind of mini-speech was in order considering this milestone. I’ve heard that the average lifespan of an anime review blog is two years, but we’ve passed that twice, even if we’re not the most jam-packed review blog out there (which is my fault. I’m really grateful for Ariana’s content).

And so, on to the really overdue review for the Gumi nendoroid.

Such a bright and energetic box too!

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sasami11It’s nice to see that I was right in my prediction that the new characters would be appearing soon.
…So it’s a shame they won’t actually get to be in a proper review, as I’m stepping down from reviewing this series.
It’s nothing to do with the show itself – I still really love it, and have been liking it more with each episode. The characters are fun, its beautiful to look at, Kamiomi cracks me up, Kagami is my robot waifu and the new characters and recent developments are pointing the story into even more interesting directions. Were I able to, I wouldn’t have problems with blogging every episode. I’ve just been struck with a pretty serious case of Real Life, as usual, to the extent that the amount of time I can spend on things I really want to is very slim and means I have to choose what exactly these things are quite wisely. In order to make more time for myself, I have to cut something out, and ‘writing reviews of a series that every single other anime blog is doing a far better job of reviewing and which barely anyone even reads anyway’ is what is being cut here. Because, let’s face it, I very much doubt anyone really cares either way in the first place.
I’ll be back for the First Impressions next month, of course, but hopefully I’ll be able to review the Gumi nendoroid before then too.