Ace Attorney Episode 2

From now on, I will be reviewing the even-numbered episodes of Ace Attorney, and Moeronpan the odd-numbered ones. Also, as this is a mystery series, this and most future episodes will contain SPOILERS for anyone not familiar with the games.


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A First Impression: Ace Attorney Episode 1

Alright, so, I’d been wanting an Ace Attorney anime since I first played it back in 2007, and only wanted one more and more as the years went by. Then I started to realise how bad most anime adaptations of games are (case in point, Dangan Ronpa) and no longer wanted one. And then we got an Ace Attorney anime anyway! And, just like with Dangan Ronpa, I’m going to be co-blogging the entire show – this time with Junko, who loves Ace Attorney just as much as if not even more than I do. For better or worse.
Well then, let’s get started on the momentous first episode of everyone’s favourite pointing lawyer.

Expect a lot of blank staring unfortunately.

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