There are some pretty massive SPOILERS throughout this review post so uh. Be wary of that I guess.

Party is over :C


Here are the reviews for all the other anime I watched this season, that I didn’t have time to blog every episode of.

And, just to clarify, since I realized what date it is; this isn’t an April Fool’s joke post.

I got more attached to these girls than I expected.


This round-up review post was severely delayed due to two of my shows not finishing up until near the end of January. I also get kind of wordy in this one.

soft blur filters strike again


Hey all! The Fall 2018 anime season is fast approaching; but before that, here’s some round-up reviews of the anime I managed to watch for the summer. (We Rent Tsukumogami‘s last review will be up once the last two episodes of the series airs.)

The Asobi Asobase girls at their most fashionable.


I managed to watch a lot of anime this season, even though I sadly wasn’t able to blog many of them. Here are some round-up reviews from the 2017 winter anime season!

(I know this round up post is late and smack dab in the middle of the spring First Impressions… you can blame the Dragon Maid anime for that)

Hikari will always hold a special place in my heart.


I know this is super late by now, but here it finally is.

Flip Flapping!