Show By Rock!! Episode 9

Unfortunately this is the last Show By Rock!! episode I’m able to blog, since I’m going to America for two months and thus won’t be able to do the last three. Which is a huge shame because a)I’m really enjoying the show and would love to blog it to the end and b) the end of this episode is….well. That’s what this review’s for!

I still do want to blog the rest; but it will probably have to be a batch review after I return…a month after it finishes, unfortunately, although I won’t be able to blog anything next season for the same reason. (unless I -also- do a batch review for the first 3-4 episodes – I can watch stuff on my ipad during downtime after all) I’m working on a draft of another doll review so I can finish writing it at the airport, but after that there most likely wont be any posts from me until August.

Ariana and Skins will be taking care of First Impressions and may not be able to cover everything but we’ll see. If I manage to watch any of the new stuff, I’ll still be leaving my opinions in the comments of their reviews as usual.

Lastly…if any Australian readers are going to SMASH in Sydney this August 8-9, I’ll be in the artist alley as TorinoArt! Come and say hello.

With all that out of the way, let’s get back to Show By Rock!!

Rosia of CritiCrista, shown here trying to outright murder her amphibious bandmate. um.

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A First Impression: Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE! Episode 1 (Moeronpan version)

Here on this blog there’s a general rule of sorts that you may have noticed if you’re a long-time reader – although it has been subverted on occasion,  for the most part when there is a magical girl show Ariana will do it and for the most part when there is a fujoshi-esque show Moeronpan will do it. Exactly what we would do when a fujoshi-esque magical boy show popped up we didn’t exactly ever consider, but we have now! This will be the first time there are two separate First Impression reviews of the same show – it’s actually something I’d been interesting in trying for a while now (especially when it comes to the kind of shows I absolutely slam in First Impression reviews and the fact that the four reviewers on this site often have very differing opinions on things). You’ll be able to see what Ariana thought of this show in a few more days.

It’s kinda cool to see a wombat in an anime, even if it’s pink and is actually an alien.

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