A First Impression: Cute High School Earth Defense Club LOVE! Episode 1 (Ariana version)

Whooooo! Finally, here is my take on this show.  (I’m going to stick to calling it by the English translated name because the Japanese is really long and hard to remember for me.)  If you haven’t yet, check out Moeronpan’s first impression of this series.

I made it a point to avoid Moeronpan’s review before watching and writing this, as to not be influenced by her opinion.  Will we react in the same way?  Find out under the cut!

So one day a pink wombat drops into a bathhouse…

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Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara/If Her Flag Breaks Episodes 7 and 8

I’ve already gave the “Spoilers from here on” warning a few episodes back, but I’m putting another spoiler warning here just because these two episodes drop some pretty heavy revelations.


This episode shows us a bit of Mimori’s past, revealing that she may not be as air-headed as she seems. Sadly, it’s sort of shoved aside due to all the PLOT.

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